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Chicago ‘paparazzi’ chase Roskam after City Club luncheon




CHICAGO – Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) was not prepared for the Chicago media that overwhelmed him and one aide as they left the City Club luncheon Monday afternoon. 

"I could see only one other person with him as they walked down the sidewalk to their parked car, Roskam got in the front seat alongside the driver," said Illinois Review contributor Mark Weyermuller, who also snapped photos of the media frenzy.

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Roskam spoke at the non-partisan luncheon and took pre-submitted questions from City Club members after his speech – without incident. Outside were 30 or so anti-Trump and anti-GOP protesters.


As Roskam left the forum, the Chicago media merged on him and his aide and shouted questions and appeared to block Roskam from leaving the location.

Roskam has, as have several other Republican Congressional members, been targeted by Democrat and liberal activists to intimidate them from their anti-Democrat policy positions by demonstrations, protests and letters to the editor calling for him to meet with them and hear their grievances.

Roskam told those in the City Club that he had held a town hall and, like his colleagues' town halls, the event was "miserable." Roskam listed hundreds of visits with 6th district constituents, businesses and organizations over the past few years, saying he's been accessible to those in his district. 



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  1. He said he’s done WHAT?? “Hundreds of meetings with constituents?” NOT TRUE! He’s ALWAYS been afraid to meet with us, and even his cowardly Teleconferences are so highly scripted that he pontificates without really answering any questions! It’s him giving a speech, the same olde tired GOP lemming-line that is just like his GOP lemming voting record. All for Big Business and nothing for his Constituents!! Typical GOP HYPOCRIT!

  2. I wouldn’t meet with this hooligans on a bet. Just watch the ignorant lefties at that college.
    This is disgusting and the police had better get a grip. You could not pay me or any of my friends going to down town Chicago.
    The DEMORATS and PRO-VIOLENCE and they are laughing at us for being frightened. Our colleges have turned into gang havens for brainwashed student and stupid liberal professors (or as my grandfather used to say “if they were worth their salt they would be working with people their age), How right he was. He lived to 96 years old and he was so right.

  3. How much more proof do the RINOs need that the media IS a political party? The media IS a political party, Democrat Party. Do you know who else does this? The National Enquirer. No difference. The difference is the National Enquirer doesn’t hide what it is.

  4. There are pictures of different entities advertising for
    paid protesters around the Web. Basically they’re paid
    saps & stooges for one world government and the destruction
    Of the sovereignty of the U.S.A.