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UPDATE: Chance the Rapper to donate $1M to Chicago Public Schools



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UPDATE: Chance the Rapper promised $1M in personal funds to help Chicago Public Schools – especially concerned about arts programs in the schools. He plans $10,000 to several schools – the first check to Westcott Elementary School where the press conference was held. He also challenged other businesses to match his donation.

CHICAGO – After meeting with GOP Governor Bruce Rauner about Chicago Public School funding Friday, Chance the Rapper tweeted out his response "The fight has just begun," and announced he'd have a plan Monday. He's holding a press conference Monday afternoon, he announced Monday via Twitter.

The governor and Chance told the public they exchanged personal contact information, and Chance publicly notified the governor Saturday he should "pick up" the phone if Chance happens to call:

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In the meantime, CQ wrote up a story blaming Governor Rauner for possible school closings and teacher/staff layoffs in the Chicago Public School system because Rauner vetoed a $215 million bailout earlier this year. 

And after the annoying meeting that didn't solve the funding issues, Chance met with Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson about school funding, and together they called on the city "to do our jobs."

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More to come …


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  1. I suggest he either flush that money down the toilet (since he won’t know who’s pocket it ends up in), or divide it between deserving parents who can then send their children to the schools of their choice.

  2. Didn’t moperah spend millions on trying to lift 100 families out of poverty back when Slick Willie was President? If I recall correctly, the program failed spectacularly. Chancellor Bennett would get better results dropping $1M from a helicopter somewhere over Englewood or Austin.