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Cook County GOP seeking 2018 candidates




PALOS PARK - In the past, Republicans have left unchallenged Democrat candidates in Cook County's key leadership posts. With a new chairman at the helm, the Cook County GOP Central Committee is starting early in seeking candidates to run for county and statewide offices in 2018.

Cook County GOP Chairman Sean Morrison would like to hear from candidates interested in ten offices:

  • Illinois Attorney General
  • Illinois Secretary of State
  • Illinois State Treasurer
  • Illinois State Comptroller
  • Illinois State Senator and Representative
  • Cook County Board President
  • Cook County Clerk
  • Cook County Sheriff
  • Coook County Treasurer
  • Cook County Assessor

Those interested in the offices or needing more information should contact [email protected] 


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  1. I’m glad that Chairman Morrison is looking for candidates, but we also need more party leaders. According to the Cook Co. Republican Party website, these Chicago wards don’t have a republican ward committeeman: 3, 7, 9, 10, 13,18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 36, 37, 45, & 50. These townships don’t have a republican township committeeman: Calumet, Lemont, and Stickney. If you live in one of those areas and want to be a committeeman, please contact Chairman Morrison and apply.

  2. Seriously, how can we applaud Chairman Morrison’s candidate recruitment efforts when he designated Aaron Del Mar to spearhead the project? A constant and valid criticism of Del Mar’s stint as county chairman is that he did nothing to recruit candidates, particularly for countywide offices which is generally considered the chairman’s responsibility. Almost all of countywide candidates that carried the flag for the Republicans during those election cycles: a) circulated their own petitions; b) came from Chicago; and c) basically were left on their own to conduct campaigns without any assistance.

  3. Hold on to your money. Only the top four on the list, the state-wide offices, are worth funding for election in Cook County.
    The Senate and Representative offices, plus the Cook County offices, can’t be won, unless he has some miracle magic wand he can wave to turn Democrats into Republicans.
    Statistics I have seen show 80 points and higher are almost standard for Democrat dominance in all but a dozen or fewer of these legislative districts. Running GOP candidates in those is political suicide and a waste of money; money better used elsewhere.
    Running a GOP candidate in a hugely Democratic district may appear prestigious, but is actually stupid.

  4. You might be right, but I’m not sure. Sometimes the incumbent Dems get sufficiently scared by any opposition, that it forces them to go out and spend money on a mailing and send their troops out to campaign. And that is money and manpower that they might have simply sent over to help candidates in competitive districts.
    I saw that when Carl Segvich took on the Alderman in Daley’s home 11th Ward in 2003. It was a brave (and utterly hopeless) endeavor.
    But the Dem machine spent an inordinate amt. of $$ fighting him, and their ward heelers were tied down there – in their stronghold.
    Had he not run. they would have sent their $$ and labor elsewhere.
    In fact, they were so angered at actually having to defend the 11th Ward, that their thugs threw a brick through a window of Segvich’s car.

  5. Yeah. The Dems do stuff like that.
    In the recent presidential contest, we in the rural areas were hard-pressed to maintain the TRUMP signs because Hillary’s Democrat vandals were destroying them as past as we could replace them.
    The Dems value “free speech” for themselves, but not for others. The Left’s current street mobs are further proof of it.

  6. The Republicans need to find qualified people to run for public offices. Three banner years for the Republicans running countywide occurred in 1946, 1950 and 1966. Numerous Republican candidates were elected in those years.
    (Chicago Mayor Edward Kelly was forced out as County Chairman after the 1946 tsunami and did not seek reelection as Mayor). In each of those years, the Republicans captured the Cook County Board Presidency, and other offices such as Sheriff.
    In 1966, in addition to those important offices, the Republicans also took the Treasurer’s office and the Superintendent of Schools, plus the Sanitary District.
    Lightning seldom strikes, but when it does the GOP has to have candidates in order to win).