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Thorner: Tuesday night’s speech was a knockout for Trump




By Nancy Thorner -  

President Donald Trump's Joint Session of Congress address Tuesday night was a knockout, and not just for his base which loved Trump even before his well-received speech. President Trump pulled no punches. Instead of offering shallow platitudes of little substance to the American people, he outlined what he had done so far to fulfill the promise he made while campaigning.

President Donald Trump might have been one of the least popular president at his inauguration, but even CNN’s own poll could not hide the numbers after his address.  According to a CNN/ORC poll of viewers, the president received an overwhelmingly positive reaction on Tuesday, February 28 when addressing a joint session of Congress:  78% of viewers reacted positively; 69% say Trump's policies will move country in right direction; and 69% are more optimistic.

No fan of Trump, Ben Stein had this to say about Trump's address, writing on March1, 2017:  

“Let’s not kid ourselves. That was a super speech. Not flowery, except that in parts it was eloquent without being flowery. Not poetry, except that it was poetry. It was a blast from the heart of the heart of America. It was as if Mr. Trump did not even have to use words. His sincerity and power in touching what Americans want to hear was beyond prose…

“I have been a speechwriter since I was 18. First for Senator Joe Tydings (D-Md.) and then for Mr. Nixon and Mr. Ford and for decades for myself. I listen to all speeches carefully and with an ear to their music. Sometimes, as with Jimmy Carter, there was a dull thud. Recently, there was the wild self-mockery of Mr. Obama talking to whites like a Cambridge, Mass. Don, and a few hours later to black people in Philadelphia as if he were raised with hands bleeding from picking cotton in the Mississippi Delta.

“Tonight’s was an early Mozart symphony —far better than we could have expected, hitting every right note, and with the promise of still greater to come. This man is a fast learner. And as my pal, John Coyne, an ace speechwriter himself, said to me recently, “His heart is in the right place.” He’s off and running.”

CNN's Van Jones, a frequent Trump critic, after the president's speech to the nation night became emotional and was clearly impressed by Trump's tribute to Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, who died in a raid in Yemen.  Van Jones called Ryan “one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics, period” and that it was the moment Trump “became president of the United States.”

When Trump has seemingly reached an all-time high with the American people, I am concerned that a terrible border adjustment tax, for which  Steve Bannon has joined forces with Paul Ryan to push for, could amount to a potential betrayal on the part of Trump if enacted.

I agree with Trump's past statements that the border tax is too complicated.  If we must raise taxes on imports, it must be selective tariffs against the worst abusers of “free trade” to get better trade deals.

Like a Value Added Tax, a Border Adjustment Tax will just be a sneaky new way to fund more big government or crony capitalist tax cuts.  Sorry, Mitch McConnell, you'll just have to get used to spending less of the people's money. 

President Trump's budget is being kind in cutting the bloated and ineffective State Department by only 37%. There is plenty of wholesale waste to fund tax cuts and a small rise in defense spending (5% after inflation) after the Obama wasteland for our military.

President Trump seems to have the wind at his back.  For Republicans, it was the speech they had been waiting for. 

What could stop Trump besides a catastrophe?   

  • If Trump should be persuaded to backtrack on some of his promises made to his Republican base, such as granting a path to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants and failing to repeal and replace Obamacare.
  • If Trump allows those who are undermining his administration to continue to do so in ways that quality for treason.  It has been reported that Obama plans to pull off as Honduran style coup d’état on an unsuspecting America.  The Obama's D.C. home has been made over as a well-equipped nerve center for their undercover plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump.  Ms. Jarrett has already stowed her bags there and has moved into the roomy, 8,200-square foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion to work closely on the coming coup d’état.
  • If Trump doesn't quickly identify and get rid of the leakers and the department holdovers from the Obama administration to replace with his own people, leaks will continue and Trump’s policies will be thwarted.

Hopefully, even now Trump is planning his final trap to round those up whose actions no longer represent Freedom of Speech, but have advanced to treason.  This includes George Soros who is attempting to undermine a democratically elected government through his billions to left wing organization through which, among other things, rioters are being paid to disrupt gatherings in which violence is viewed as the only viable way to respond.

If you have a Republican Congressman, please write and tell them no new taxes, period.  Cut spending instead!  It can be done, especially since Trump did not have the support of the crony capitalists and bureaucrats who wanted to keep the status quo so nothing would change.

Also, don't be fooled by the dissent that is being manufactured to sabotage the Trump administration by the unhinged and the elites following the election of President Trump.  Why?  Because their dream of a One World Government has been derailed and is now being replaced by Trump's Make America Great Again.


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  1. Well said Nancy, the phony left wing media is doing their best to supervise formation of public opinion about President Trump… but they are failing miserably! Americans see that our president is putting America first!

  2. Putin’s puppet can read from a teleprompter a whole hour. WOW!
    Meanwhile back in Florida for his 5th 3 million dollar a pop weekend off in Florida he apparently caught up on his coke habit and tweeted the some crazy, projecting, paranoid stuff this AM. Cocaine makes people paranoid.
    Putin didn’t vet his puppet for sanity. I suppose if the 500 billion Russian oil deal does not get the green light when the sanctions are lifted, then Putin can just watch his crazy puppet destroy the US democracy…
    Congrat’s Nancy… well cone comrade.

  3. The more IR resident scum bag, Oh Really, types her nonsense, the more I think Trump is doing something right. Remember when Trump was caught on a hot mic sending the following message to Putin?
    “Tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”