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Chance about meeting with gov: He gave “a lot of vague answers”



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CHICAGO – Reporters were waiting outside Governor Rauner's office in Chicago Friday morning to ask Chance the Rapper about his meeting to discuss education funding, and Chance would say only that the governor gave "a lot of vague answers."


NBC Chicago's Mary Ann Ahern caught Chance's reaction and posted to Instagram:


Hear from @chancetherapper about his meeting with Gov Rauner

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  1. Prominent blacks like football’s Jim Brown go to see Trump and they walk away impressed. I guess Term Limits and Workman’s Compensation Reform don’t cut it with rappers. Even Jim Edgar did a better job with the black community. Chance, it just isn’t you. I’ve met Rauner and seen him speak many times. You always get the feeling the man is just following a script. The sad thing is the script hasn’t worked since 2015. But all the Rauner sycophants can do is join the Democrat chorus and say “It’s all Trump’s fault” despite every other Midwestern Republican party flourishing in 2016 and the other prominent Republicans that attacked Trump going down the tubes, too.

  2. Hey. Chance the Rapper. Guess what?
    Illinois has no money.
    No matter how much you beg and plead and cry and yell and demand, the fact remains:
    Illinois has no money.
    Your begging or yelling or protesting isn’t going to change the fact.
    Illinois has no money, Moron.

  3. Perhaps “Chance The Rapper” is going to make a significant financial contribution towards helping Illinois out of their financial mess? Maybe “Chance” is going to donate a share of his future rap proceeds towards paying into the state workers retirement programs? Yeah, I guess you are right. Fat Chance!

  4. Di Leo, the State has no money because we have a moron for a governor whose ONLY concern is destroying unions, and who refuses to do his job and submit an HONEST budget for the legislature to consider.

  5. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but the governor is not a part of the legislature. How come the all-Dem house and senate haven’t passed a budget and put it on Rauner’s desk in two years? He can hardly sign or veto a bill that hasn’t been put on his desk.
    Sorry, Janne, but you can’t blame this on the governor.

  6. Di Leo, you know that the first step is that the Governor is to present a proposed balanced budget to the legislature. On the third Wednesday in February the Governor is to send his proposed balanced budget to the legislature, which is to pass a balanced budget in May. In addition, when the budget returns to the Governor, he has line item veto. Rauner controls both the beginning and the end of the process. He is THE problem in this process.

  7. Di Leo, you know that it’s the Governor’s resposibility to submit a balanced budget on the third Wednesday of February to the legislature, which must enact a balanced budget in May. In addition, the Govenor of Illinois has line-item veto authority. He is in control at the beginning and at the end of the process. But he has failed to submit a legitimacy balanced budget, ever.

  8. Di Leo, you know that it is the Governor’s duty to present a BALANCED budget on the third Wednesday of February to the legislature. The legislature must act upon it in May. In addition, the Illinois Governor has line item veto – an extremely powerful tool. The process begins and ends with the Governor.
    This is the third time I’ve submitted this comment. Is IR afraid of truth?

  9. If you were a serious regular and not a hateful troll you’d be aware that from time to time they don’t get around to posting comments immediately.
    Of course none of your comments, to date, have been worth reading so it’s no loss.