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Neighbors to east consider banning sanctuary campuses




CHICAGO – Should students without legal permission to be in the U.S. be protected in so-called sanctuary campuses funded by federal and state funding?  That's an issue Illinois' neighbors to the east are considering in their state legislature while one after another, Illinois universities are declaring a shield around their schools.

The Associated Press reports:

In Vice President Mike Pence’s home state, campuses including Indiana University, the University of Notre Dame and Ball State University have faced pressure from students and faculty members, though none have declared themselves a sanctuary campus.

Still, lawmakers who argue “government entities” shouldn’t be able to pick and choose which laws to follow are taking steps to proactively bar institutions who accept federal or state dollars from adopting the designation.

A bill from Republican Sens. Mike Young and Mike Delph stipulates that colleges or universities violating the ban would risk having funds withheld by the state’s budget agency. A court could also block a sanctuary policy if a lawsuit is brought.

“Everyone, whether they’re a government entity, a private institution or an individual — we don’t get to figure out what laws we want to follow and which we don’t,” Young, a Republican from Indianapolis, said on the Senate floor.

The measure ultimately cleared the Senate in a 35-15 vote, with six Republicans joining Democrats in opposing it. It now awaits a hearing in a House panel.


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  1. My answer to the question, in the first paragraph is no, if a college employee knows that an applicant is an illegal alien, the college employee should tell ICE so that they can arrest and deport the illegal, that day. I’m surprised that anyone would ask that question. No college should get federal funding, since that spending disobeys the 10th Amendment.

  2. Two considerations – First, federally guaranteed student loans can be cut off to these schools. Let’s see how adamant students are in supporting illegal aliens when they’ve got no dough.
    And Second, administrators at these schools, in conjunction with their complicit groups, such as La Raza, the ACLU and ICIRR can and should be prosecuted under the RICO statutes – i.e. organized criminal conspiracy statutes.
    I do not believe that it is outside the realm of comprehension that the Sessions Justice Department may do just that.

  3. How many of the countries of origin for these illegal aliens permit reciprocal privileges to undocumented Americans within their borders? Can Americans seek employment, healthcare, welfare benefits and send their children to public schools if they enter other nations illegally? Of course not.
    It is a one way street for illegal aliens in the USA. They take benefits that they are not entitled to and which are not available to others in their native countries.