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Angry Leftists to protest Northwest Chicago GOP fundraiser Friday night



Leftists also protested outside Northwest Suburban GOP event | Photo by Mark Weyermuller

CHICAGO – What's become to be expected outside Republican events in Democrat- controlled Chicago is angry Leftists, and Friday night it appears they'll be on hand to disrespect Republicans once again. 

Leftists – that control the whole city of Chicago, the vast majority of Cook County, and a substantial part of the state legislature – is upset that there are a few Republicans trying to offer an alternative? 

"What are they protesting, exactly?" a defiant Chicago GOP Chairman Chris Cleveland told Illinois Review. "That Republicans exist in Chicago? They'd better get used to it."

The Northwest Side GOP will be holding a "We-Bellion Bash" featuring radio talk show host Joe Walsh Friday night at 6:30 PM at the group's new Club House – Office, located at 6122 North Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, Illinois.

Via Facebook, the angry Left is calling for protestors to show up and it appears 100 or so may be planning to join. 


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  1. Where the Hell will the cops be? Writing parking tickets? Or citations against home owners with cracked sidewalks?
    I don’t want to incite violence, but if the cops are ordered NOT to preserve order, and won’t do so,, then some other organized group is needed to get the job done.
    Allowing these leftist thugs to RUN WILD has to end.

  2. It seems as if the police seldom write tickets any longer. Witness all of the cars driven on the roads without proper headlights. That used to be an automatic ticket and a visit to traffic court.
    Under Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Police Department seldom does anything proactive. Morale on the CPD is so bad that the cops usually do nothing unless an order is radioed to their squad cars. Emanuel’s record on police and law enforcement issues is a disgrace. He is told beholden to the BLM mob.