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Intolerant Illinois: Gov. Rauner encourages prejudice, limits to free speech



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CHICAGO – Governor Rauner today released an open letter to school districts and higher learning institutions encouraging them to proactively prevent "acts of hate" as defined by the un-elected individuals who make up the left-wing, taxpayer-funded Department of Human Rights (IDHR).

“Acts of bigotry and hate have no place in our society. All of us need to come together and take the necessary measures to ensure that our schools, colleges, and universities are safe and welcoming environments for students,” said Rauner. “Our administration stands strongly with educational institutions across Illinois as they expand opportunities to prevent these acts.” 

In addition to suggested preventative measures for educational institutions, the Rauner Administration is pledging that IDHR, in partnership with the State Board of Education, the Illinois Community College Board, and the State Board of Higher Education, will investigate any and all reports of discriminatory acts occurring in academic settings.

Administration officials recommend that institutions establish and implement policies that address those actions, ideas and speech they consider hateful, and to promote equal opportunity. “Through an ongoing collaboration, we intend to continue engagement with educational leaders and stakeholders on how to promote welcoming (read: trigger warnings) and supportive learning spaces (read: safe spaces) throughout the state,” said Secretary of Education Beth Purvis. 

Read the letter HERE


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  1. Just asking a simple questio: Am I the only person that knows that Governor Bruce Rauner is a member of the Democratic Party, a friend of Rahm Emanuel, a fake Republican, a shill and an infiltrator?
    Is it just me, or do other people realize that: most people are, perhaps good, but stupid gullible people who don’t realize what false opposition is?
    Bruce helped Rahm to make millions of dollars approximately 12 years ago.
    Bruce is painfully obviously very liberal on social issues including Christian moral issues.
    as Illinois is the worst state in the United States of America, it should be coming obvious to the most stupid gullible people that Bruce is a false political opposition to Michael Madigan.
    To these people, there is no God. There is only money and power.
    Sincerely, Carl Segvich – 11th Ward Republican Party Committeeman, Chicago

  2. Let’s put this into perspective.
    On this article – it is apparent that Bruce Rauner has embraced the extreme leftist-Alinskyite remake of our local schools and state supported universities.
    On a latter article on this page, his liberal wife is endorsing Planned Parenthood.
    Bruce Rauner was in danger of losing the last election, because conservative Republicans were about to boycott his candidacy) as I did.
    But after – a last minute full-court press to try and get conservatives to vote for him (including a missive from some down-state “Tea Party” clown) which appeared on these very IR pages – which said, “put on your big-boy pants and vote for Rauner.”
    Some conservatives – at the last minute – voted for him and put him over the top.
    Never again!
    Rauner is no longer a candidate who should be avoided and boycotted. He is now a candidate to be actively opposed by conservatives.
    This latest Rauner attack on conservatives and their children, is truly reprehensible!

  3. Proving once again that Rauner DOES have a social agenda….
    How are those fiscal issues working out for all you social conservatives out there that pushed their principles aside and voted for this candidate?