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Marching scientists are “an embarrassment,” Heartland Institute PhD says



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WASHINGTON DC – Two marches in D.C. this month are being organized to charge up the Democrat base of climate change believers and environmentalists whose worldview blames people and their activities for weather changes. 

The first one held Saturday is the "March for Science," and the second one later this month is "the People's Climate March." 

Arlington Heights' Heartland Institute, which has been working for decades on offering a counter argument to global warming advocates, said those scientists participating in the march are an embarrassment.

"Scientists marching to something they disagree with proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they are an embarrassment to science and are not by any stretch of the imagination real scientists," said Jay Lehr, Ph.D., who is Director of Science at Heartland Institute.

Heartland Institute just presented a weeklong seminar of scientists that strenuously disagree with current politically-correct positions on topics such as "Polar Bears: The Global Warming Icon that refused to die," "The Smoke and Mirrors behind integrated assessment modeling," and "Fossil Fuels and Human Health."

Heartland rejoices with the more balanced direction the Trump Administration is taking on environmental issues, emphasizing the global divide growing on the topic.

“The March for Science is about recognizing this truth, and the People’s Climate March is about acting on it,” Lindsay Meiman, a spokeswoman for 350.org, a climate group that’s part of the steering committee of the climate protest, told The Hill. 

The idea for the People’s Climate March was originally conceived last year, Meiman said, with supporters planning to make their case for a quicker transition from fossil fuels to whoever captured the White House.

UPDATE: The March for Science in Chicago turned things political with the appearance of Democrat primary gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker, whose campaign posted on Twitter: 

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  1. This is an excellent article. Life thrived on Earth through hot time and cold, mostly with much higher CO2 concentrations and warmer temperatures than we are experiencing in the current era. This enhanced CO2 allows plants to take advantage of warmer temperature. Tropical rain forests have greatly increased because of the increase in CO2.

  2. Armstrong refers to Julian Simon who is -or was- quite a distinguished thinker. Simon’s book “Hoodwinking the Nation” is a must read. But it is kept in a special section of the Chicago Public Library where it can only be checked out for 7 days. Dangerous stuff that. Simon also wrote a paper asking if Population Growth was good for economic growth. He concluded Yes it was, as long as you live in a society that has liberty, the rule of law and individual rights, especially property rights. And of course there is the bet with Paul Ehrlich where Simon bet Ehrlich that commodity prices would fall while Ehrlich claimed that there would be massive shortages and prices would rise.

  3. This article needs to mention how much campaigning the Heartland Institute does on behalf of GOP causes, including hosting events for partisan lawmakers and representing industry angles at Congressional hearings. It’s disingenuous to let this pass unnoticed.