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Trump signs 66 executive actions in first 95 days, many to relieve small business




WASHINGTON – President Trump has signed 66 executive actions in his first 95 days, according to a list Business Insider is accumulating. Many of those actions are intended to directly relieve small businesses – a segment of American businesses the president especially reached out to in his 2016 campaign.

A new Prager U video explains how regulations hurt small businesses:


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  1. awwww so many executive orders.. like a king with no congress.
    ooops. even worse than the one before him. But heck he’s white so he can whatever he wants without a peep from the hypocrites who posted against the use of executive orders when the black guy did it.
    the white billionaire affirmative action program.

  2. Oh sure writimg executive orders “creates job”. You know the executive order about American steel. Zzzzzt russian steel being used for he pipeline. Whoopsey.
    Today your man is pushing a 35 -> 15% corporate tax decrease. Which will create a 2.4 trillion hole in the budget. Will he write an executive order to make the money magically reappear. What will he cut from ordinary people to make the corporations richer without havingt them having to lift a finger or employ anybody. . No strings attached 2.4 trillion corporate handout. The real welfare problem of the United States.
    Isn’t it funny the man who was going to drain the swamp and change things is following the republican establishment 100%. Oops.