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Abortion funding bill passes Senate; headed to Governor Rauner




SPRINGFIELD – Illinois Democrats are committed to making Illinois taxpayers pay for abortions for any reason for state employees and women and girls on Medicaid. Wednesday, in a 33 to 22 vote, the Senate passed HB 40 to the governor's desk.

He has declared that he will veto the bill, but HB 40 supporters are urging calls to the governor's office to sign the bill into law. Only Democrats supported the bill when it passed the Illinois House two weeks ago. 

State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) was quick to respond to the development.

“This legislation forces every Illinoisan to pay for elective abortions for any reason at any stage of pregnancy – even in the 9th month. This is wrong," McConchie said in a statement.

McConchie said that not only is it wrong to make Illinois taxpayers pay for elective abortion procedures, it’s extremely troubling that Illinois would be expanding state services in a time when Illinois is without a balanced budget, has more than $12 billion in unpaid bills, and vendors are waiting months to receive payment.

"We should be focused on ways to reduce costs—not advance costly controversial proposals that will cost the taxpayers even more," he said.

“I take my responsibility very seriously when considering matters that deal with the lives of unborn children. Time and time again, poll results show a large majority of the people oppose taxpayer-funded abortions. I agree completely. I have spent much of my career fighting for those without a voice, and I will continue doing so in the Senate,” McConchie said.

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UPDATE: ACLU of Illinois posted this Tweet - 


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  1. The unborn are innocent babies. Have their baby bodies torn limb from limb. Their baby head crushed.
    Which one of these unborn babies would have been the person curing cancer.
    No one has the right to kill another human being who is innocent. Unborn is not a crime.
    God Bless America
    Carl Lambrecht
    847 432 8255

  2. You are so science-y! I want a refund for the ultra sounds that showed heads and limbs on all of our children while they were developing in my wife’s uterus. So did the head and limbs form as the babies were born? Is it something in the air that acts as a catalyst for spontaneous formation of heads and limbs at birth?
    Or are you indicating you only support abortion before heads and limbs are formed?