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McSweeney files bill to repeal Madigan tax hike




SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington) voted against Speaker Madigan's 32% tax hike Sunday – a Democrat-led move he's been fighting for weeks. Monday morning, he filed a repeal to the tax with the House – an attempt that will need Speaker Madigan's approval to move forward. 

Sunday, Rep. McSweeney was clearly frustrated with his fellow Republicans. 

"Fifteen Republican House members waved the white flag of surrender to Speaker Michael J. Madigan and passed his massive tax increase. It's time for Governor Rauner to immediately tell the people of this state that he'll veto this terrible bill if it reaches his desk," he said Sunday afternoon. 

Rauner did announce his intention to veto the bill Sunday afternoon, despite the 15 GOP supporters that would provide enough votes to override the governor's veto.

McSweeney's HB 4078 was filed Monday morning.  Already, several Republicans have signed on to the bill –Rep. David McSweeney - Jeanne M Ives - David A. Welter - Peter Breen - Nick SauerMargo McDermedAllen SkillicornTony McCombieLindsay ParkhurstKeith P. SommerBarbara Wheeler and Brad Halbrook

Here's McSweeney's comments on the House floor Sunday afternoon, amidst Democrat sneers … 


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  1. David, thank you for leading the charge against Speaker Madigan’s dreadful
    Bill to increase ILLINOIS income tax. As a 79 year old retiree a tax increase
    Would have been a “killer” for me and my wife. It’s bad enough having to pay
    Over $19,000 in Real Estate taxes while on a fixed income. Keep up the good work.
    Tom and Gail Adams
    Green Oaks Illinois

  2. Ah well, look at it this way, the governor’s race just got completely turned around. Guess who gets to sign off on redistricting? The budget ‘crisis’ now won’t exist, a real tax crisis will. Eat it, Democrats.

  3. Ok here are my thoughts, time to clean the swamp in Illinois! Put people in office who care, who know how to work, no more raising of taxes, no more free vacations for government officials and their families! People please wake up!

  4. I to am trying to maintain my home that I worked until I was 70 to get paid off. The tax hike is a killer. With the increase in food, health care, gas (even tho I don’t drive a lot) really makes a difference.

  5. One man spoke up for the tax payers how sad is that . Thank you David
    Shame on the rest of you who turned belly up for Madigan
    Everyone remember to vote against the greedy politicians who care zero percent for you

  6. If they want a tax hike those with big pensions should be taxed FIRST. It’s bad enough we have to pay for the pensions then the lucky (most democrats)who receive pensions pay no tax to the state that gives them the pensions. Those who have no pensions most likely have some of their income in taxable accounts so they will have to pay tax yet again even in retirement. It is not a fair set of rules for all of IL citizens. As a CPA I see this first hand. Also those that make a bit more don’t qualify for college grants etc but taxpayers that make less never have their pension count and they can get lower tuition and even get more federal deductions. Completely not a fair set of rules…

  7. someone works hard and makes good decisions should not see their taxes raised every time the state can’t make those same good decisions . The state continues to see citizens leave the Illinois at a rate leading the nation.

  8. Repeal this tax that never should have been given any consideration. I’d move out of state but can’t afford it. Madigan needs to be removed-term limits! He’s the problem and those that follow his lead are too. Doesn’t matter who the governor is because Madigan, and Cullerton, set them up for failure.

  9. I’ve been saying this for two years, Let’s cut property taxes! We need to Consolidate 500 School Districts, that this State has more Districts than the State of California. We need to go to a one Superintendent per County as like Tennessee has that has low property taxes. I looked at one Suburban School District after you pay a Superintendent and Asst Superintendent and their Healthcare an HMO with no CO/Pays; internet ; Cell Phone; Car Stifen ; Over 19,000 in sick days and Holiday’s ( why they get this is ridiculous as they are Sallried) but they add these days up to boost their Retierment!!! After this each year when this School District gets their money and pay these two the tax payers paid over a Million Dollars est. For two people. Cutting a million est. In May be 300 of the 500 extra districts. Then going to one per County can make a serious Property Tax Cut.

  10. Claification: the “Madigan-RINO-Rep. Taxin’ Terri Bryant tax increase”. It would have never passed without a veto override vote and the support of 10 turncoat, crony-stroking Republicans in the House.