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MIAMI – DADE – Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited Miami-Dade Florida Wednesday to announce that because their city had reversed its "sanctuary city" policy, and was committed to working with the Feds in detaining immigrants that had criminal acts, they were now qualified to obtain federal law enforcement funds. 

Sessions then turned to blast Chicago and the city's crime stats. 

There are some cities not following Miami's example, Sessions said. "Here are some numbers that were surprising to me – it says something and challenges all. In Chicago, a city of almost exactly the same 2.7 million population as Miami-Dade, more than 433 people have been murdered just from the beginning of this year.  They expect to hit over 700 by the time the year is out. That's more than three times as many in Miami-Dade. 

Last year, Chicago's 2.7 million residents experienced more murders than the 12.5 million people that live in New York and Los Angeles combined. The Chicago Police Department also reported more than 4300 shooting victims in the first part of last year violent crime across the nation


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