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Roskam: Trump’s comments about Charlottesville “not acceptable”




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  1. I never thought I would have to speak unkindly about you, Peter, but you seem to have become unhinged by wanting to follow other Republicans who are too afraid to stand up for what is the truth, that there was violence on both sides, fearing backlash from a dishonest media who is poisoning the minds of the American people against Trump. I think it might be time for you to retire from politics. We don’t need spineless Republicans in office who can’t support Trump because you don’t wish to explain to your constituents how they are being lied to by the media,the Left, and by irresponsible and turncoat Republicans. I’m appalled by the two Bush presidents, but they never liked Trump in the first place because of Jeb’s loss. Regarding
    Ryan and McConnell, these establishment politicians must go. They have continually thwarted Trump at accomplishing all he has attempted to do since he was sworn into office. All I can conclude is that Republicans by supporting the Left with their condemnation of Trump, don’t care if they destroy this nation in the process. Don’t you understand how the Left, the Deep state, and other forces — led by George Soros — are doing all possible to discredit President Trump. It is George Soros who is sending the violent goon squads where ever needed to cause destruction and chaos, Peter.

  2. I guess he hasn’t learned the lesson of the 2016 primary.
    I am tired of the all out attack of the Republican Establishment for simply repeating the truth—there was violence on both sides and not everyone was a racist Nazi among those who wanted the Confederate statue not to be removed. The praise/implicit whitewashing of Antifa by the Republican Establishment is particularly galling. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/08/16/mccain-romney-rubio-join-republicans-antifa-club/ & http://dailycaller.com/2017/08/17/republicans-embrace-group-that-wants-to-destroy-them/

  3. I sure hope Roskam and his weak GOP colleagues don’t expect to get credit when Trump delivers on his promises. Trump is doing all the heavy lifting and taking all the fire to undo decades of big government damage.
    We won/kept all three branches in the 2016 election because of Trump. They want to ride his coat-tails when all is good and distance themselves when convenient. Trump crafted the right agenda for winning- so much so that the Left wants to copy it. The GOP didn’t figure it out. The GOP brand was losing before Trump brought momentum back to the grassroots.
    Trump is fighting for the people. The GOP is fighting for themselves and their donors. The GOP, including the IL GOP, are focused on trivial, petty, promo opps and hollow words.
    Roskam and Rauner don’t deserve the privilege of elected office. When the Silent Majority votes in 2018 neither will survive.
    Nancy Thorner has it right. Stay focused on the big picture folks.

  4. Many great points by those posting here. The cowardice of the GOP establishment is breathtaking. No more backing down from speaking the truth! Time to stand up to the lying bullies in the newsmedia! And time to replace the cowardly politicians with real people who won’t be shills for the establishment but will actually serve the people.

  5. Hey Roskam, read George Orwell’s book – 1984 and the ideas of “Thoughtcrime”, “Newspeak”, “2+2=5”, as well as “Ministry of Truth. You and your ilk. have no courage to stand up to this revisionist lefty’s thugs.
    You and your friends care only about your political power above truth and right.

  6. Step right up ladies and gents and look up. There you’ll see what we’re calling a pandering politician. Yes, he’s fat and bloated, but if we don’t continue to feed him with more and more money, we’ll be punished by the rest of his gang who will be sticking their hands out and demanding our obedience. Don’t worry about them going extinct because they NEVER leave their territory which they mark by a continual barrage of hot air.
    What’s unacceptable Roskam, is your pandering diarrhea of the mouth. Disgusting.

  7. Well Phil, you need to ask those questions to the house and senate about the wall, immigration, O’care, etc.
    Roskam is lip wristed like the rest of the rino’s. Play the middle and hope to get re-elected. Hum, I remember some guy named Kirk who tried to do that.

  8. Can anyone show me where Trump said anything positive about the KKK or White Supremacists, because I can show you a large number of times he has condemned them. Wait, not so fast…I mean where he actually said it keeping in mind the entire statement and context, not various misquotes and words out of context. Oh, and when was the last time a President was condemned for expressing his support for the constitution (i.e. free speech, not just acceptable or popular speech)?
    Just because he doesn’t take on the roll of drama queen as the democraps do on this issue doesn’t mean he supports haters on either side of the fence.

  9. Phil you are pathetic to ignore the failings of the GOP Congress that allowed the Iran deal, healthcare, taxes and immigration to get so bad in the first place.
    Roskam has been around a lot longer than Trump and is part of the problem. Trump did not create this mess. Roskam and fellow spineless GOP friends did. They ask for money and deliver nothing. They take no responsibility for the mess we are in.
    Trump is the one person that has come along with the courage and a plan to fix it. The fact that you focus on a false liberal narrative against Trump (he DID condemn Nazis!!) is really sad.

  10. I agree with Phil. I mean really, the way Pete lead the charge on dismantling Obama care, helped keep the Federal deficit on its way to 20 TRILLION, got Afghanistan straighted out in 15+ years and brought all those jobs back home and kept the trade deficit at 500 billion dollars per year, what can I say? Oh yeah, I believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny too.

  11. I suspect that Peter Roskam is responding to the headlines rather than the thoughtful content of President Trump’s remarks. He is surfing the wave of public opinion.
    The President said nothing in defense of the White Supremacists and Nazis. To the contrary, he denounced their misguided ideology, but without denying their right to hold those ides in peaceful protest.
    At the same time, Trump denounced the violence in Charlottesville, executed by the extreme leftists, mainly on the part of ANTIFA, anti-racist in name, but fascists in word and deed. This was taken by the Democrats and liberal press as a tacit endorsement of the extreme Right, a totally unsupported and illogical conclusion.
    In the long run, the Nazis and White Supremacists will have little effect. Few in numbers, even fewer are persuaded by their ranting and demonstrations. ANTIFA is far less specific about those they don’t like, and their ideology is to oppose nationalism, capitalism, and more recently anything to do with Donald Trump. Their numbers and presence are growing, attracting those who feel emboldened by mob action. They are entitled to their opinions, but when those opinions are expressed violently, we must draw the line. ANTIFA and others of their ilk are not public in their demands, rather secretive, acting as urban guerrillas, attacking our institutions and the Constitutional rights they purport to defend.