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Victims’ families continue to call on governor to veto sanctuary bill; still have not heard from him




SPRINGFIELD – The families of these three Illinoisans that died at the hands of immigrants in American illegally have yet to hear from Governor Rauner, although he promised Fox News' Bret Baier he would speak with them before his final action on SB 31.  The deadline for action on the bill is August 29th. 

"No, the governor hasn't called me yet," Brian McCann told Illinois Review Tuesday morning. "It's very disappointing. There are four families that want a chance to share their stories with him in person. We're all hoping he does what he said he would do." 

The above meme is circulating the internet, encouraging calls to the governor's office to veto SB 31. 

Governor Rauner said in a nationally-televised cable news interview that he welcomed hearing from those on both sides of the issue, but has been more recently quoted as siding with former Exelon executive John Rowe – who served on Rauner's gubernatorial campaign advisory committee – and a group of county sheriffs that are pushing the sanctuary bill. 

Fox News' Bret Baier asked Rauner in the interview: 

BAIER:  There are some families who say they’ve lost loved ones because of sanctuary status or policy and they’re trying to meet with you.  Do you want to hear that point of view?

RAUNER:  I want to hear everybody’s point of view.  I work for everybody in the state of Illinois.  Our immigration system is broken and we need to have a system that keeps the people of Illinois safe, the people of America safe.  We’ve got to put that as the first priority.

BAIER:  So I’m still trying to get, do you agree with the president or not that sanctuary cities are a problem – yes or no?

RAUNER:  Well, I’d tell you this; what I’d say is immigration in America is broken.  We make illegal immigration easy and we make legal immigration almost impossible.  We need dramatic immigration reform.

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  1. The Sun Times is reporting that Rauner will sign SB31 making Illinois a Sanctuary State. This will be a breaking point if he does.
    1) Chicago is a major distribution port for illegal drugs, human trafficking, and crime cartels. Chicago has record high crime and violence. Sanctuary status will encourage more to come.
    2). Illinois’ credit rating is the worst in the nation and just passed a bill that will NOT pay for all expenses. Taxing is at an all-time high, and needs to go higher if spending does not stop. Sanctuary status will just add considerable expense.
    3). The exodus has begun. Sanctuary status will accelerate the exiting of businesses, tax-paying citizens, and drive home sales even lower. The downward spiral is real and severe.
    4). If Rauner’s calculation is that supporting SB31 will get him votes in 2018, then he and his advisors are sadly wrong. They are willing to sell out the future Illinois for a false gamble. It does not matter what he does or says, the Dems are going to lie, steal and corrupt their way to another 40 years of power. He is only making it easier for them if he signs SB31.
    5) I am part of the Silent Majority and speak for many. Do not underestimate us.
    VETO SB31

  2. So this is the top Republican in this state? What a joke! Socially liberal, open borders, sanctuary state, big spender, globalist, crony capitalist, anti-middle class. A spineless out-of-touch politically correct empty suit. If you vote for Rauner you are part of the problem and you are in no way a Conservative.