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Emanuel declares sanctuary city Chicago now “Trump-free;” boasts free community colleges



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CHICAGO – Rahm Emanuel, mayor of sanctuary city Chicago, sent message to those in America without proper documentation that they are welcomed and safe in his "Trump-free" city.

Emanuel encouraged more to come to Chicago – the most violence-plagued city in America – because it is the only city where high school students with a B-average may obtain a "free" community college education, paid for by taxpayers.

The Chicago Public School system just received a $250 million teacher pension bailout from Illinois taxpayers outside the city, where parents of B-average students must pay for their children's community college courses. 


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  1. Third world banana republic dictator Mayor Emanuel violates his oath of office with traitorous talk like that.
    What about your oath of office arrogant Mayor Bigmouth?
    You swore to uphold both the U.S. Constitution and the Illinois when you took the oath of office.
    Trump is doing his lawful DUTY as president to eliminate the unlawful sanctuary cities. No mayor has the legal authority to create a sanctuary city. Mayor bigmouth, your malfeasance disqualifies you for office of Chitcago mayor

  2. Ok, so the mayor and a us congressman announce on national news that Chicago will no longer uphold certain laws. The us congressman should resign from his position since he took an oath to uphold the constitution and clearly says he won’t (you can decide what that makes him).
    Both should be arrested for aiding, abetting and knowingly encouraging illegals along with harboring them. This has nothing to do with race. Gender or religion, it is a matter of law and they are both breaking it.
    I just got a red light camera ticket. I have sent it back stating that the city of Chicago is a lawless city. One day a law is upheld the next it is not. How am I to uphold the law when our leadership simply decides some laws count some laws don’t?
    I said I would like to be in front of my accusers and that would mean the mayor or congressman. It’s not that I might have turned right on red. At that time, on that date, I simply didn’t know if that law was being upheld.