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GOP AG candidate Erika Harold: “There remains much with which we agree” with Gov Rauner



CHAMPAIGN – In response to HB 40 becoming law, AG candidate Erika Harold sent out the following press release, presented in its entirety. She says she will enforce "all the laws of the state," which, after Thursday will include defending the state law forcing taxpayers to pay for elective abortions in Illinois.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 11.52.12 PM


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  1. No, Erika, there remains much YOU agree with because you’re still cashing Rauner checks to your campaign. Anyone who supports Rauner, votes for him, or takes Rauner money is as guilty as he is. Including YOU. And it shall all be the drumbeat of 2018…

  2. What “Unites us as Republicans?”
    Is it our Party Platform? Rauner’s votes on several issues have been in direct violation of it.
    Is it our moral values? How can the intentional murder of innocent babies, contrary to our Platform, be tolerated?
    Is it our respect for the law? How can attempts to thwart Federal immigration law by declaring Illinois a “Sanctuary State” be considered respect for the law?
    Erika, you want to be Illinois’ Attorney General.
    Are you a REPUBLICAN, or what we can now call a “Rauner ‘republican'”?

  3. Very disappointing. She lost my vote. We need a fighter as AG, Erika obviously isn’t that person.
    And I thought Life was Erika’s big issue? She was the last person I thought would sell out. Like I said, disappointing. Sad to see what could have been a bright political career sink with the Rauner ship.