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Illinois Democrat Senator “likes Medicare for all;” in other words Sanders’ single payer system



Sen. Duckworth (second from right) with Democrat colleagues including Bernie Sanders

WASHINGTON DC – Illinois' junior U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth's spokesperson says the senator is reviewing Senator Bernie Sanders' proposal to fix the faltering Obamacare system, and likes the concept.

Vox.com explains:

Sanders’s Medicare-for-all Act of 2017 begins by transforming Medicare so that its enrollees do not pay any money for virtually limitless free health insurance — with the exception of cosmetic care, like plastic surgery. (As currently operated, Medicare enrollees have to pay significant costs in premiums and deductibles to access their care.) Then the bill would drop the Medicare eligibility age — from 65 to 55 in the first year, and then gradually over four years until everyone is covered.



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  1. “Medicare for all” is more like “No care for all.” The Democrats have been beating this drum for 70 years, all the while eroding the free market, along with our individual rights, in the hopes of making their crap sandwich more palatable. Not buying it.
    Better dead than Red, like these closet commies are.

  2. What a do nothing senator Duckworth is. You only hear from her when her puppet master Durbin tells her to speak. She has no idea what single payer will entail since she gets grade A health care service from the gov. not like what the rest of us would have to endure.

  3. We knew that this was coming, and Trump and the Republicans have done nothing to prevent this advancement. We now will have to debate to what degree will the federal govt control our health care, but of course, nobody will discuss the cost. Medicare is broke, providers are opting out, and limits on care are being expanded. What will happen when we open it up for all Americans? We all know.