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Illinois’ new immigration bill already affecting release of dangerous criminals in US illegally




LAKE COUNTY – Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran's office released a 32 year old jailed for felony drug charges and detained for a federal immigration violation Thursday, according to a report in the Lake County News-Sun

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed the Illinois Trust Act into law Monday that paved the way for Luis Antonio Camacho Vazquez to be released after his bond was posted, the report said. Before the signing of the bill into law this week, the suspect, who was also accused of breaking federal immigration law, would have been detained until federal authorities picked him up. 

Authorities told the News-Sun Vazquez was the first detainee at the Lake County jail released under the state's new Trust Act. They have 28 others being held on immigration offenses that may now post bond and be released after the measure became law Monday. 

Another case presented itself in McHenry County, news blogger Cal Skinner reported Friday. Sheriff Bill Prim's office issued a statement affecting a illegal immigrant in their custody charged with a crime of violence. 

Prim is seeking guidance from the State's Attorney's Office, as well as federal and state authorities before releasing the suspect if he's able to post bond. Despite assurances from some law enforcement, lawmakers and the governor's office, the new law is stirring confusion. 

“We have a public act less than a week old with a sweeping effect that has yet to be interpreted by any court," Prim's statement said. “Our objective at this point is to move slowly and cautiously, with public safety as our foremost consideration, consistent with constitutional responsibilities. We are working in cooperation with the State’s Attorney’s Office and have requested guidance from federal and state authorities."

State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington) told Illinois Review Friday that he had spoken with Sheriff Prim and asked him to not proceed with any immigration-connected release until Prim hears from the Attorney General of the United States.

"This is about protecting the public, and because I represent some of McHenry County, this decision will affect the safety of those I represent. Sheriff Prim assured me he would wait to hear from Sessions before moving forward," McSweeney said. 

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  1. “Governor Explains Why He Signed Immigration Bill”—because he thought it might help him get some Democrat votes to re-elected and because his wife told him to do so. Where is Rasputin and Svengali? Methinks Bruce is probably looking to add them to his staff of new advisors. Bruce also quit drinking coffee so he can switch over to tea. Diane is reading his tea leaves and the palm of his hand each morning to see what is in his political future. I think the conservative Republicans in Illinois already know what the tea leaves are saying “Tilt”—“LOSER”. “Dump him like a hot rock and get a decent conservative Republican to run against Bruce (& Diane) in the next Illinois Republican Primary.” I better stop now because me and Earl Grey are already in “hot water”.

  2. Bruce and Diane Rauner have made us into a Sanctuary State. Watch for the first murder committed by one of their freed illegal aliens. Next up: House Bill 40’s universal State payment for abortions, including late-term abortions, courtesy of the Planned Parenthood Rauners…

  3. It won’t be long and another Illinois citizen will be killed, raped or robbed by an Illegal alien. The Governor failed us. He chose to support Illegal aliens over the safety and security of American citizens living in Illinois. I believe that used to be called treason. There is nothing lower than a traitor.