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Rhoads: The dark ignorance of ANTIFA




By Mark Rhoads –

A motley collection of extreme-left radicals like to describe themselves under the umbrella name of Antifa for "Anti-Fascist."  The first irony is that the Antifa militants endorse the same violent tactics of real fascists to wage their so-called fight against fascism. If they had any real sense of humor they might see how a famous motto from the comic strip  character Pogo applies to their cause when Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

The second irony is that apparently Antifa radicals are so ignorant of history that they do not understand how close fascism is to communism because both totalitarian ideologies are two children of the same socialist parent. The German abbreviation NAZI stood for "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" or the National Socialist German Worker's Party.

Intellectually dishonest history professors and their misinformed students in the media like to misrepresent that NAZIs are "on the right" just because NAZIs advocate extreme nationalism and supposedly share that in common with conservatives. Under the NAZI regime, there was private ownership of production but that private ownership did not mean much because of government control over private companies.

But the heart of conservatism has always been about individual freedom and the rule of law under the Constitution rather than blind nationalism. The truth is that all forms of totalitarianism are on the Left and pro-liberty ideals are on the right.


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