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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Illinois will now pay for abortions; expect more abortions



Diana Rauner applauds her husband for approving taxpayer funding of abortions in Illinois

By Michael New, National Review - 

“[T]here is a very broad consensus that funding abortion through Medicaid results in more abortions. Even groups that support legal abortion — including the Guttmacher Institute and the Center for Reproductive Rights — have published analyses showing taxpayer funding for abortion increases abortion rates. My 2016 analysis found that the Hyde Amendment protections in Illinois, which were just undone by [Illinois] Governor Rauner, have prevented 144,721 abortions since 1976 and protected 3,800 unborn children in Illinois every year.”



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  1. Look at Diane Rauner smiling at the thought of her Abortion Victory. It’s “Bruce Rauner, first, last, and always,” right Diane? At least that’s what you tell the Governor’s staff in Springfield.
    But somehow this sounds better to me: “Benedict Rauner, liar, hypocrite, and one-termer…”