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Killing tales of two cities: Las Vegas and Chicago



Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 9.23.37 AM
Two windows the shooter used to kill Las Vegas concert goers

CHICAGO – All the world is focused on the unspeakable tragedy of over 50 persons shot to death last night at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas. Over 400 were hospitalized due to what appears to be a planned killing spree by one 64-year-old Nevada resident.

The killer ended the tragedy by shooting himself before law enforcement entered his Mandalay Bay hotel room.

At the same time, this weekend ended one of Chicago's bloodiest months: 57 shot and killed, 273 shot and wounded, bringing the totals for 2017 thus far up to 496 shot and killed, 2386 shot and wounded.

And no end in sight for the killings in Chicago.

From HeyJackass Chicago:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 8.53.03 AM


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  1. It goes like this:
    The Las Vegas incident kills or injures many people in a few minutes, so it is “spectacular,” thus it gets the hysteria-exploiting national media a big viewer audience.
    Chicago’s annual accumulation of such “incidents,” which kill or injure one, two or three people per shooting, happens EVERY DAY, and in a Democrat-controlled city at that. Thus, the national media is BORED with it, thus total killings are of less interest to the liberal-controlled media.
    I am truly sorry for the deaths and injuries in Las Vegas and in Chicago. All these deaths are tragedies, but logic must be applied by we conservatives, not cheap emotionalism, the tool used by the liberals.
    The killer “offed” himself. This can be seen as both a benefit and a tragedy: a benefit because the State of Nevada won’t have to go through the media-exploited agony of a long-drawn-out trial, as in both of the O.J. Simpson cases.
    Also, as a “tragedy” for some sharpie defense trial lawyer, who will not be able to emerge from obscurity into family celebrity status as did Papa Kardashian by defending a killer like O.J.Simpson.