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Manafort accused of money laundering, refusing to register as foreign agent, evading taxes




D.C. – Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort turned himself in to federal authorities Monday morning. Speculation is that former FBI director Robert Muller hopes to use the indictments to squeeze information from him concerning the 2016 Trump campaign. 

"Paul Manafort was a lobbyist for Putin-backed forces in Ukraine, and he allegedly covered it up by disguising payments and refusing to register as a foreign agent — which is required by law. Along the way, Manafort allegedly didn't pay taxes on this income. Manafort’s partner Gates is named in the indictment, too," the Washington Examiner reports.

However, the accusations stem from Manafort's dealings years before President Trump declared his interest in launching a campaign. 

The Washington Examiner condensed the Manafort allegations thus:

There’s a much simpler explanation, though: Paul Manafort was by all appearances a shady lobbyist with shady and lucrative Kremlin ties, and he may have covered up those Kremlin ties in illegal ways.

Manafort’s shadiness makes Trump look bad because Trump hired him during the campaign. But Manafort’s shadiness also means it’s less likely he’s being squeezed in pursuit of someone higher up — he may be being indicted simply because federal investigators think he broke the law in a significant and deliberate way.

If we're to assume anything from Manafort's and Trump's relationship, it's that Manafort wanted to peddle to the Russians his Trump access.

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  1. the made up fake uranium deal. This one has been disproven time and time again… and yet you still push it.
    Hillary is not going to save Trump and his associates from this one! This is just the first. Already someone became state witness. How many hundrends millions will Manafort be promised so he’s quiet and falls on the sword.

  2. In total, $75 million flowed through Manafort and Gates’ offshore accounts, according to the indictment. Manafort allegedly laundered $18 million, while Gates allegedly laundered $3 million.
    The change to the GOP platform dropped a call for the U.S. to provide arms to Ukraine in response to aggressive moves by Russia that included the occupation and eventual annexation of the Crimea province from Ukraine in 2014. After the annexation, Russian President Vladimir Putin continued to fuel violent unrest in other parts of the Ukraine.
    The amendment to the Republican platform came as a surprise just days before Trump was officially nominated for president at the party’s convention. Two Republican National Committee officials privately acknowledged at the time that Trump’s campaign pushed for the change. Trump denied involvement, however.
    “I wasn’t involved in that. Honestly, I was not involved,” Trump said.
    After months of internal debate, the Trump administration is stalled on whether to arm Ukraine to counter Russian continued aggression, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

  3. yeah I read the news and you don’t because Trump and his ilk like Putin and his ilk did with their people has made you distrust the basic american civil right of a free press. You prefer spoon fed propaganda tv and news from comrade Trump and the Fox news propaganda machine.
    The Free press used to be respected before the Russian smear campaign and an idiot puppet name Trump came along.
    you voted this travesty in.. you own it.
    And you still think that Manafort was ok? really??? are you daft and dump and deaf and blind?