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Illinois AG sues Trump over net neutrality



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FCC Chairman posted a light-hearted commentary on YouTube about net neutrality

CHICAGO – The argument over net neutrality has basically lined up as the Left being for it and the Right being against it.

Illinois' Democrat Attorney General Lisa Madigan is on the Left politically, and so she's dragging the state of Illinois into a lawsuit against the Trump Administration opposing the FCC's ruling last week to reverse the 2015 Net Neutrality rule. Blue states California and Washington are joining the lawsuit.

Madigan, who has focused on consumer issues during her multi-term as the state's legal chief, said the FCC's decision would hurt consumers by allowing internet-service providers to give priority to their own content at the expense of competitors.

“Today’s commission vote undermines the public interest by putting our free and open internet at risk,” Madigan said in a statement published by the State Journal-Register. “In taking this action, the commission disregarded the overwhelming view of the public, and ignored the legal precedent upholding the existing net neutrality rules.”

The Right argues the Internet reached its powerful heights unregulated by the FCC – and that policy should resume. 

Republican FCC chairman Ajit Pai said after the decision, “Quite simply, we are restoring the light-touch framework that has governed the internet for most of its existence.”

Pai placed the following video on the internet to explain what persons will be able to do after the FCC decision – a commentary wherein AG Madigan is not likely to find Christmas cheer:



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  1. What an upside down world we live in. Suing the federal government because an industry isn’t regulated? If the public wanted to vote away our cars would she be on board with that also? This is why we don’t live in a democracy the mob rules would be the law.

  2. “This is why we don’t live in a democracy” Our representatives are supposed to do whats best for the constituents not the their donors…. your GOP has no constituency to care about. They on;y care about big donors and big corporations that line their pockets. -> see today’s tax bill.