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Rauner boasts his top 10 biggest accomplishments in 2017




CHICAGO – Monday, the Rauner campaign issued the governor's following top 10 major accomplishments in the last year … and top 10 reasons her should be re-elected in 2018.

What would you list as Rauner's top 10 issue hits?

1. Historic Education Funding Reform
For the first time in decades, Illinois has updated the formula that provides funding to the state’s public schools. Thanks to Governor Rauner’s influence, this bill distributes funding more equitably across the state and puts in place a school choice program to provide low-income families with greater education options for their children. 

2. Illinois' First Ever Scholarship Tax Credit Program
For the first time in its history, Illinois has enacted a scholarship choice program, providing the neediest families in the state an opportunity to choose the best educational options for their children. Governor Rauner has long been an advocate of providing school choice for underprivileged students, and this program is the first step to providing quality education to every child in Illinois.

3. Creating Clean Energy Jobs
The Future Energy Jobs Act, signed into law by Governor Rauner one year ago, has helped make Illinois the 2017 Midwest leader in clean energy jobs. Illinois is a state with abundant energy resources, and thanks to the governor’s reforms, the Midwest is already seeing the results of growing jobs in Illinois.

4. EDGE Tax Credits
Renewed this year to further promote business growth in Illinois, the EDGE Tax Credit Program has served to attract businesses and jobs to the state. Providing incentives for companies that create long-lasting, good-paying jobs in Illinois is a crucial part of Governor Rauner’s strategy to make Illinois a business-friendly state.

5. Opioid Prevention and Intervention Task Force
The opioid crisis has claimed too many lives in Illinois and across the country, but Governor Rauner has put in place a task force to stop its advance and help push back against the horror of addiction. The Opioid Prevention and Intervention Task Force has provided resources to those suffering from addiction, as well as expanded first responders’ access to life-saving drugs like Narcan.

6. Vetoed the Madigan Tax Hike
Mike Madigan forced through a 32% tax hike on Illinois families, but Bruce Rauner stood in firm opposition. Governor Rauner is fighting to protect the hardworking taxpayers of this state, and will not stop until Madigan’s outrageous tax hike is rolled back.

7. Ethical Government and Fighting Corruption
Governor Rauner has worked to run an ethical government, starting with proposals for term limits for elected officials and fair maps to ensure every voter’s voice is heard. Now the Governor is calling on Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios to resign as the Madigan-Pritzker-Berrios property tax racket has been exposed, where political insiders make money hand-over-fist while taxpayers foot the bill.

8. Discovery Partners Institute
In October, Governor Rauner released his plan for the Discovery Partners Institute, a public-private partnership led by the University of Illinois bringing the state's best and brightest together on one campus in Chicago's South Loop. The plan will bring millions of dollars of direct investment to the state, as well as build up a pool of talented Illinoisans working together to address issues facing society and business. The campus is part of the broader Illinois Innovation Network, connecting all of Illinois' universities in collaboration on a variety of projects.

9. International Trade Missions

Following renewal of the EDGE Tax Credit Program, the governor embarked on international trade missions to China, Japan, and Israel to bolster Illinois' standing abroad and recruit foreign direct investment to the state. Meeting with business and political leaders of these countries, Governor Rauner successfully promoted Illinois' future as he continues to cut red tape and make Illinois a business-friendly environment.

10. Amazon
Governor Rauner is leading the team that has put together a proposal to bring Amazon's second headquarters to Chicago – a $5 billion project that will create 50,000 jobs. Working with a bipartisan group of business leaders, the governor was able to highlight the talented young workforce, prime strategic location, and diverse community available to Amazon in Chicago, providing a compelling case for the company to bring their business to Illinois.


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  1. ILLINOIS REVIEW: I’m not too impressed with Governor Rauner’s “top ten” accomplishments. I had hoped for property tax freeze, major budget cuts, term limits, and major pension reform or elimination (to IRAs)
    Also hoped for some help on the pro-life front and curtailing illegal aliens from entering the state. In addition, nobody seems to be talking about the mass migration out of Illinois. Chicago has 14,500 less kids in Chicago Public Schools this year from last year. People are leaving Chicago. A big part are the massive property taxes mostly from park and school districts. Has Rauner even mentioned this?
    Most of this list looks like mumble jumbo.,

  2. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t our state population and business tax revenues decreased? When the Governors of border states make commercials thanking Mike Madigan, it goes without saying that Governor Rauner hasn’t done anything to cheer about.

  3. Creating Clean Energy Jobs
    The Future Energy Jobs Act, signed into law by Governor Rauner one year ago, has helped make Illinois the 2017 Midwest leader in clean energy jobs. Illinois is a state with abundant energy resources, and thanks to the governor’s reforms, the Midwest is already seeing the results of growing jobs in Illinois.
    When the sun goes down and the wind stops blowing. The Clean energy stops. Than nuclear and coal come to the rescue.
    We do not need to take tax dollars to pay for solar and wind energy. There is no battery to store this energy yet. Again Rauner is following Madigan and Cullerton in wasting our taxes
    God Bless Illinois
    Carl Lambrecht

  4. Top 10? Pffft.
    Here’s Rauner’s Top THIRTEEN “Accomplishments:”
    – Making ALL of Illinois a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants
    – Enacting a voter automatic registration law, available through the Department of Health and Human Services (which provides public aid to illegal immigrants) and at the Department of Housing (which provides housing assistance to illegal immigrants)
    – Making Illinois a taxpayer-funded unlimited abortion state, with abortions allowed up to the day of delivery
    – Exempting Illinois from any future SCOTUS overturn of Roe v. Wade, making IL an abortion state FOREVER
    – Breaking his promise to veto the above-mentioned unlimited abortion legislation (including lying about it to Cardinal Cupich)
    – Hiring his friend and ally Leslie Munger as a “deputy governor” after she lost her Comptroller election (salary: $148,000)
    – Hiring TWENTY-ONE of Leslie Munger’s staffers after she lost her Comptroller election
    – Paying his wife’s “Chief Administrator” (personal assistant) with taxpayer dollars (salary: $105,000)
    – Firing TWENTY-ONE of his staff in a hissy-fit egged on by his wife
    – Hiring totally inexperienced replacements from his political friends and supporters at the right-wing Illinois Policy Institute (at higher salaries, of course)
    – Firing most of the above-mentioned replacements after their series of high-profile embarrassing flubs
    – Refusing to reveal the hidden workings of his ‘blind trust’, or explain how it increased his income by ONE-HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS in the two years he’s been governor
    – Staying out of jail for THIS: https://realgopillinois.com/2017/12/18/shades-rauners-nursing-scandal-quincy-veterans-home-case/

  5. Well let’s face facts – even if this leftist Rauner manages to – after spending millions on TV and radio advertising – squeak through against Mrs. Ives – he will have 30 to 40% of the Republican electorate, refusing to vote for him in the general election.
    And no matter how much cash he proffers to easily bought so-called downstate “Tea Party leaders,” their admonitions to “put on your big-boy pants and vote for Rauner,” simply aren’t going to work any more.
    Rauner has screwed the GOP on immigration and he has screwed the GOP on abortion and family issues – and his political career is over.
    Sure – Democrat-libs will do the same thing – but it will be “not in my name!”
    And this will be a warning sign to the IL Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB that unless you play ball with the social conservatives – you will no longer even be in the game.