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Ives officially announces bid for governor


WHEATON – State Rep. Jeanne Ives announced officially Sunday night in an invitation-only gathering in her home district that she would be a candidate for governor in the March 2018 Illinois Republican Party primary. She was introduced to the crowd by her running mate, former State Rep. Rich Morthland from the Rock Island area. 

“In Illinois state government right now, you choose to be popular with the Illinois political ruling class and become an enemy of Illinois taxpayers or you choose to represent taxpaying Illinois families and make enemies of the political ruling class," Ives said. “I choose taxpaying Illinois families. Governor Rauner chose the political ruling class. That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election."

Ives said she supported and helped get Bruce Rauner elected governor in 2014.

"I believed his argument that his personal wealth would free him to do right by Illinois and lead the revolt against the political ruling class," she said. “I was wrong. The tough-talking dude on a Harley with no social agenda turned out to an empty Carhartt jacket. We were promised a conservative reform governor. Instead we got an Ivy League gender studies professor."

Ives will be submitting her petitions for candidacy in Springfield Monday afternoon, her campaign said over the weekend. 

As of Monday morning, the only gubernatorial candidate that has filed to be on the IL GOP March 2018 ballot is Governor Bruce Rauner.


  1. Yeah all the delusional Jeanne fan boys and girls only make up a minority part of the Republican party in Illinois. Jeanne can’t win, either primary or general election. The only winner in this run off the cliff is Dan Profit. Win or lose, Dan shows he can collect money And votes and usurps the Illinois GOP. Jeanne is just a puppet on Dan’s String.

  2. I agree her affiliation with Dan Proft is a huge negative, but I’d be careful about using the word “delusional” to describe Jeanne Ives. I believe the same was said about Donald Trump on many occasions.
    Your comments give me hope and evidence that the Rauner camp is very, very nervous, as they should be. If you attended any of the GOP events over the past several weeks, you know that it was awfully tough to get ANYONE to sign a Rauner petition. He’s a loser – a sad, weak loser.

  3. The same can be said of Ives. Remember this, the demographics of 42nd state rep district vers the entire state of Illinois is much different. Will Ive’s brand of politics play well in Peoria or Decatur. You tell me.

  4. This is why I don’t consider myself a Republican in this state. The Republican Party in this state, historically, is worse news than the Democrats. Jeanne would, at least, NOT be like all of those other Republicans. You were totally flat out WRONG last year. Your ideas for the GOP lost, and our ideas for the GOP won the whole thing. Like Bruce, you didn’t support the President or the party. Bruce is really just a Democrat. Jeanne is a conservative.

  5. It’s amazing that they think that Rauner is actually reelectable after a three year long shutdown that resulted in the biggest tax increase in this state’s history and Rauner still takes credit for it. What has he done?

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