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Ives calls for sanctuary state repeal, justice for victims’ families


CHICAGO – Standing in front of Cook County's jail Thursday, GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives criticized Illinois GOP Governor Bruce Rauner and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for ignoring law-abiding citizens and choosing instead to protect criminals.

Alongside Ives stood Brian McCann, whose brother Dennis was killed in a hit and run by a person in the country illegally. Governor Rauner, who Ives is challenging in the March 20, 2018 GOP primary, said he was open to hearing from victims' families, but refused to meet or speak with them before signing into law a measure prohibiting local law enforcement from aggressively cooperating with federal immigration authorities. 

In favor of political pandering, Governor Rauner betrayed victims' family members, like Brian McCann, who is still awaiting justice for his brother, Ives said.

"By signing the 'Trust Act,' the governor made all of us less safe. I am ready to lead the charge against the pandering political class," Ives said. "Illinoisans from all walks of life want the security that comes from knowing violent felons will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Ives said Ruling Class types like Rauner and Rahm are very cavalier with the lives of others people. They use people as the means to their political ends.

"I'm a pro-legal-immigration conservative. America as a beacon of freedom and opportunity for people the world over is a good thing and should be maintained," she said. "But we cannot be without the rule of law.

Governor Rauner's signing of SB 31 during his first term of office caused the governor to lose support among the state's Republican base, and prompted a call for him to be challenged during the 2018 re-election cycle. 

But business groups like the Chamber of Commerce have been heavy-handed in pushing for loose immigration measures in order to provide "cheap labor," critics say.  Ives, a state rep that was opposed to the measure in the Illinois House, says Illinois sanctuary law should be reversed.

"Sanctuary state should be repealed. As governor, I won't pretend not to be in charge," Ives said. "I will lead this charge. With Republican colleagues like John Cabello and downstate Democrats this is doable and should be done."


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