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Kids Need Talented, Tough Teachers



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By Robert Holland, American Spectator - 

What makes the average grade-school child happy? Not necessarily notching a high score on a math test, if the results of a little study recently featured in Education Week are to be believed. The study’s headline-grabbing conclusion was that, in general, teachers who do well in raising kids’ test scores do worse in making them happy in class. Among progressive educators, who are a strong influence in teacher-training institutions, that is a heavy indictment.



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  1. The “progressives” assume that children are just small ADULTS.
    However, kids are not just smaller PEOPLE, but immature ones whose brains are not fully developed, not cognitive, and without enough life experience to make rational and informed decisions yet.
    Some of them are further along the road to rational thought than others. Often, the ones further behind are bored in class, and use the time to disrupt the studies of classmates, thus denying them their opportunity to learn.
    At my 70+ years of age, I still remember those jerks in my grade school class who were in that latter category, and the FEW teachers willing to put them “in line” or have them removed from the classroom.
    Their removal was usually followed by the kid’s snotty parent (usually the mother) coming to the school to squawk that her child was being “persecuted.” Some teachers would knuckle under to this abuse; the good ones, the strict ones, would NOT.
    In my class one of these troublemakers quit school at 16, beat up his father at 18, was sentenced to prison, mouthed off to some long-term prisoner and was beaten to death, returning home in a pine box. The only one crying over him was his mother whose permissive attitude could, in retrospect, be considered the root cause of all of it.

  2. wasn’t it Conservatives that insisted that teachers in Public education ONLY be held accountable by testing the children? Your tax dollars after all.
    No Child Left Behind was a conservative idea to make teachers accountable implemented by Georgie Bush Jr. . How else can you do it without testing the kids? well?
    Haha joke is on you … will you question the tax dollars going into vouchers for private schools now? TOO? nope… you are all about making people who can’t afford a private school dumb as dirt. just admit you really want to be rid of the public education system altogether and have the “savages” be illiterate. …. to prove the point about the Civil War. Evangelicals still let go of slavery. admit it!

  3. If you want to see students who still graduate “dumb as dirt,” look no further than the Chicago school system, a truly “stupid” system in which the city’s DEMOCRAT mayor appoints all board members, who have zero accountability to the students, their parents, or the taxpayers as a whole.
    Motto of the Chicago schools:
    “Keep ’em STUPID, and keep ’em DEMOCRAT.”

  4. don’t insults anybody intelligence here. In writing. You have stated it.
    You advocate for complete dismantling of public education. You give not one rat’s ass about the Chicago kids…. you use them as fodder for your politics. bleeeech.

  5. You say “I advocate for complete dismantling of public education?” WHERE did I say THAT???
    What I really advocate is public accountability for success or failure in education.
    Show me where that exists in the Chicago system where the mayor of Chicago, acting as virtual DICTATOR, controls the appointments, and the people have NO say, NO vote in the matter?
    Your failed logic and hysteria is sickening.

  6. The three legged stool of knowledge — on which the student sits — has as its education partners the classroom teacher, the parent and the home, and the political organization, local and state. Each leg has a function and for maximum results that function must be mastered if the student’s platform can be raised to the highest level
    Teaching involves the knowledge, the content to be communicated — subject matter mastery. As important is the conveyance of the love of the subject being taught, the continuing discovery of the utility of of that knowledge. At its most simple the conveyance of that affection by the teacher creates a sharing — an act which bears continuing fruit.
    The home environment operates on two levels. The Asian immigrants convery to their children the sacrifices the elders have made in coming to America so that the the family can have a better life. High performance is expected. It is the necessary condition for interclass mobility The immigrants in most cases spoke no English. Ideally Both parents worked an a grandmother was brought to manage the household. Family cohesion and singleness of purpose greatly helped.
    On the other hand, in many Districts the education process was flawed. With required years completed the youngster went into the work force sa went into the entry level workforce only to find that his or her years in school had produced an education which was neither an ecnomic or a social good. Worse, the children of the next generation were not provided the ‘home schooling necessary to start the formal education on an equal footing.
    Governance of the education function at the school district, local and state level has unfortunately been lacking and responsive mainly to the demannds of the education bureaucracy.