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National news focuses on nation’s “worst Republican governor” in Illinois



This week, Fox News Special Report spotlighted Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner as the nation's worst. 


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  1. Of course Bruce Rauner is the worst Republican Governor in the US.
    But the thing I found most interesting about the local media’s (NBC-5, ABC-7, Tribune) reports on the NR article is that none of them mentioned one of the top 3 of NR’s indictments – that Rauner effectively made IL a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.
    That is in accord with what Anne Coulter pointed out. The MSM’s tactic is to totally avoid the immigration issue, because they know amnesty for illegals, DACA, chain migration, etc. is so wildly unpopular.

  2. That’s why we need Jeanne Ives as our next Governor. Rauner has proven to not lead at all. He is NOT a man of his word and is a social progressive; sanctuary state, state funded abortions!!! Shameful!!!
    We need a conservative like Ives and a courageous leader with a plan like Wisconsin’s Walker in the Governor’s seat. Ives can do IT!
    Illinoisans need to dethrone Mafia Madigan at the same time.

  3. Although conditions in Illinois are ripe for regime change, surely the RNC is planning to pull a ‘Roy Moore’ on Jeanne Ives because she put the moves on a congressional Page or whatever story they can make up.