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11th Ward GOP Endorses Ives for Governor with strong Rauner condemnation




CHICAGO – This week, Chicago's 11th Ward Republican Party announced they were joining a growing number of local party organizations that were choosing challenger State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) over incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner in the upcoming Illinois Republican Party gubernatorial primary.

The 11th Ward GOP Committeeman Carl Segvich – who is challenging Cook County Commissioner John Daley in November – released a copy of the organization's endorsement statement. 

In it, the organization reprimands the governor and "his liberal wife" as being Democrats, "work[ing] for Obama" and being friends with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The statement refers to Rauner as an "unmitigated political cancer" and a "double agent" with ties to the Daleys' "political organized crime family."

The statement focuses on Rep. Ives as a leader in the state's conservative movement that has been "the most vocal spokesperson for conservative values" in Springfield.

The statement:

We the CONSERVATIVE Republicans of the 11th Ward congratulate CONSERVATIVE Jeanne Ives for her courageous decision to run for Governor of Illinois.  She has our unequivocal endorsement for this important position.  Her integrity and character are unquestioned.  Illinois needs serious CONSERVATIVE leadership to save us from the brink of disaster.  Jeanne Ives brings a breath of fresh air to the race for governor.  

Whereas Jeanne Ives has been the most vocal spokesperson for OUR CONSERVATIVE values in Springfield government and politics,

Whereas liberal Bruce Rauner and his liberal wife who worked for Obama has proved our 11th Ward correct in our warning 4 years ago, namely that Rauner is indeed a Democrat and friends with Rahm Emanuel,

Whereas Ives has led the conservative fight in Illinois to stop illegal immigration, and stem the political tide of corruption from Cook County poisoning all Illinois,

Whereas Rauner has coddled the Muslim voice by welcoming them to a seat at the table in Springfield, simultaneously oppressing all conservative Christians by forcing us Christians to violate our religious beliefs or leaving our roles in politics and in our own government,

Whereas Rauner is an unmitigated political cancer metastasizing Illinois to an undeniable political miasma, evidenced by his designating our state of Illinois as a liberal "sanctuary state" for illegal aliens,

Whereas  it is painfully obvious that  Rauner is  a double-agent even before he appointed Democrat Bill Daley, brother of former mayor Rich Daley, to his transition team (that is the political organized crime FAMILY), 

Whereas Jeanne Ives' FAMILY is a patriotic American military family (husband & 5 children) , and she herself is a West Point Graduate,

We the Republicans of the 11th Ward of Chicago, IL, proudly endorse Jeanne Ives to be our conservative standard-bearer and Governor of Illinois.

At a time in Illinois' history when an incumbent "Republican" governor is behaving like a raving socialist Democrat, and is indeed working for the Liberals, the voters of our state deserve an opportunity to elect a candidate who will truly live up to family values and fiscal responsibility.  Jeanne Ives is that candidate.  We urge every Republican primary voter, and former conservative democrats to support her in the upcoming primary election on March 20, 2018.  

Our United States of America is in a Civil Cultural (POLITICAL) War, in which the Liberals have been defeating us Conservatives for 30 years, in battle after battle. They, the Liberals are about to silence our Traditional Christian American voice! Rauner and his wife are committed, morally-bankrupt Liberals. JEANNE IVES is a committed Christian American.

Carl Segvich, Committeeman

(Candidate for Cook County Commissioner to defeat John Daley, 11th District)


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  1. Folks –
    Just in case you wanted to know what all of those Rauner $$$$$ go for, check out the comments above. Rauner people are soooo confident that their guy will win the GOP primary that they’re not out knocking on doors – because they’ll be slammed in their faces – and telling people why they need to re-elect the Governor.
    It’s time that more people demonstrated the courage and called the Emperor on having no clothing. He doesn’t. and neither do his minions. What an embarrassment the IL GOP has become.

  2. Hope Kirkland,
    Thank you for replying. People have NO clue how deep the gov’t MAFIA corruption is.
    Good hard-working AMERICAN Citizens get up every day & go work while political WHORES live off THEIR (OUR) taxes.
    While the Republican PHILOSOPHY is the solution to all the Democrat Cancerous philosophies, many “republican” officials are double agents working as political SLUT$ for JOHN DALEY , Preckwinkle, Madigan and Joe Berrios.
    For example, Tim Schneider and Sean Morrison.
    We implore the Public, do NOT give in to these political prostitutes!
    SEGVICH for Cook County Commissioner

  3. Is there anybody moderating comments? It’s like it takes two days for comments to get through these days and it’s dragging the discussion to a screeching halt. Admittedly I don’t know what’s going on backstage and you may be inundated with campaign trolls.

  4. Hmm, moderate the outrage of American citizens being betrayed by our own government! Our government is betraying her own people. She is stealing the money from her own citizens. She is demoralizing the people whom she supposed to be publicly serving. You want to moderate our outrage?
    We have fake Republicans, working as double-agents for the Democrat Party government mafia of Michael Madigan and John Daley, and you want to moderate our outrage as conservative traditional Christian Americans? Get a hold of yourself.
    I recommend that you do some profound reading including the Declaration of Independence, our constitution of our United States of America and also a book written by William J Bennett, The Death of Outrage.
    The government and the political class are ramping up their war against liberty; I suggest we ramp up our outrage.
    The government and political class are ramping up their war against freedom, and you want to censure harsh language of the citizens who are being oppressed ?

  5. I know Carl Segvich and, despite his tendency to go a little overboard in his rhetoric, sometimes, you can’t help but admire a guy who keeps the flame alive in the very fortress of the enemy – Bridgeport -Daley’s 11th ward. And as a previous commentor said, “Every little bit helps.’ It will be death to Rauner by a thousand cuts.