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Chicago alderman tees off about illegal immigrants on Tucker Carlson



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CHICAGO – Chicago Democrat alderman George Cardenas attempted to defend Chicago's financial reputation with Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson this week, saying, "We're not insolvent, we just passed a property tax [hike]," and "We're not the only ones facing pension funding difficulties…" 

When asked if he thought he had the obligation to represent Americans before non-citizens, the alderman sidestepped, saying he represents his constituents "well." 

The debate heated up more:

Source: Tucker Carlson Goes off on Chicago Alderman to His Face: 'What a Loathsome Little Demagogue You Are' by IJR on Rumble


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  1. Cardenas has been alderman in Little Village since May 2003. And what are his accomplishments? Take a look at the data about his 12th Ward-
    Even assuming he would help citizens and non-citizens, illegals, etc, and maybe even the blue-eyed blonds he mentions with contempt, should decent citizens get adjusted to him and Rahmbo?

  2. Oh, thank you. I was hoping you’d run this. I saw this and this was Tucker at his best! He was destroying this “loathsome little demagogue” the way more of us should be doing around here.
    Cardenas was being run around in circles by Tucker, so pulled out the usual anti-white race card, by saying he needn’t care for only American citizens — “Should I only take care of constituents who have blue eyes,” Cardenas said.
    Well, if it really mattered, fact is he’d only have 1% supplicants with blue eyes in his gerrymandered district.”
    Why haven’t we people blasting these leftist bigots right here, locally — bigots like like Schakowsky and Guttierez?
    Or Rauner, for that matter?

  3. I hope that, in 2019, a conservative will run for alderman in each Chicago ward, especially that one. The new candidates should announce their campaigns in April or May, so that they can have a lot of time to get donations and get volunteers, who will get petition signatures as soon as possible, which will be about Aug. 25.

  4. Carlson makes FOOLS of these FOOLS. T hey never answer a direct intelligent question but instead have a little mantra about how good it is too flood the country with poverty.
    The Mayor of Phoenix was on last night and she too looked like an idiot in her defense of open borders.