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Forum topic turns to gun violence, Kennedy exits after Ives’ response



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CHICAGO – Monday morning, during a forum of Illinois gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Chris Kennedy – son of the late Bobby Kennedy – walked out when Republican Jeanne Ives said gun violence is linked to the need for fathers in their children's lives. 

According to Bryan Ricketts, who was attending the Community Renewal Society discussion, Kennedy walked out when Ives said the answer to gun violence is "more fathers in the home." 

Kennedy commented when leaving, "I didn't grow up with a father, because someone shot him." 

Chicago violence grabbed national headlines in 2017, as 675 Chicagoans were killed – 627 of them victims of shooting. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. 

Ricketts identifies himself as "Notre Dame Student Body President Emeritus and Class of '16/'17":

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  1. That’s odd for Kennedy to bring up. Has he says this before? Everybody knows the kennedy history and has nothing to do with issues in poor crime infested urban areas. These urban areas have been run by democrats and can be blamed for for many of these issues. His father being killed was tragic and I feel for him.
    I’m horrified he said this yet I’m horrified about the “incident” of the car crash his brother was involved resulting in the death of a young woman. The kennedy history and legacy is complex.
    I can’t speak for Jeanie Ives but I imagine she was talking about two parent families. Having a father in the house is a good thing, while a single parent Family can be good too.
    Much of a theme these democrats don’t talk about is the “donkey Plantation.” Radio host Steohanie Trussell talks about this subject here in this Illinois Review piece.

  2. Robert Kennedy was killed by a Palestinian of Jordan descent whose parents emigrated here.
    Another example of our immigration policy that has screwed this nation.
    But this clown Chris Kennedy sure was not going to mention that reality.
    Sirhan Sirhan is still in prison at our expense.

  3. Typical self-centered Kennedy loser. He walks out after a valid point is raised….what would he do as governor if he heard something he didn’t like?
    Such a pathetic flop of a politician. Even when the world is handed to them on a golden platter they are unable to make satisfactory adjustments.

  4. The odd thing about Chris Kennedy is that the Democratic nomination was his for the asking several times and he demurred. That is probably a factor as to why the party bosses passed on him during this election cycle.

  5. Obama was famous for talking about the importance of Fathers. His Father’s Day speeches were big deals. The importance of Father’s hard to argue but what Government can do about them bailing out on families not so easy. Kennedy’s play here was just desperation btw. Theater from a guy who should be ahead in the Dem Primary but’s blown it.

  6. Unfortunately, Chris was born too late.
    It is his misfortune that Little Fat Man, Chicago’s Mayor Richard J. Daley, isn’t still alive to steal the governor election for him, like he stole the 1960 presidential election for Chris’s Uncle Jack.

  7. Chris Kennedy has a tragic story having his father killed by a mad man. That is not the issue here as the issue of poverty and despair on the south and west side of Chicago. Much of this I would blame on the Democratic Party over the past 50!years who wants the power, money, and control of those areas.
    Jeannie Ives has had tragedy in her life with the death of a child. Her extremely personal story here in the tribune is heartbreaking yet shows courage and love. This being a trait we hope see to see in our next governor. I’m supporting Jeannie Ives..

  8. Bill Ayers and Obama were buddies…he got Obama’s political career started. Bill Ayers wrote his communist manifesto Prairie Fire and dedicated it to Sirhan Sirhan. The killer of Chris Kennedy’s father, Bobby Kennedy. I have never heard of Chris Kennedy ever denouncing either of them. The guy is a coward and needs his safe space to run to and hide. Jeanne Ives is tens times tougher than this clown..what a sissy.