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Greyhound bus hijacker previously deported, now protected in Lake County



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LAKE COUNTY -  A 33 year old man living illegally in the U.S., who reportedly threatened to kill 37 on a Greyhound bus as it traveled from Milwaukee to Chicago, is now being held in Lake County, Illinois, where the top law enforcement officer Sheriff Mark Curran, advocates protecting illegal residents.

According to the Racine County Sheriff's Department, around 9:45 p.m. Saturday night, a passenger called 911 saying a person on the bus was threatening to shoot and kill people.

The Greyhound bus came to a stop just south of the Wisconsin-Illinois border after Racine County law enforcement set up stop sticks. No one on the bus was injured. 

The accused, Margarito Vargas-Rosas, faces charges for felony terroristic threats and disorderly conduct and is being held in Lake County. Law officials said Vargas-Rosas lives in Chicago, considered by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as one of Illinois' "sanctuary" cities.

Lake County's Sheriff Curran told Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown last year the TRUST Act he encouraged Governor Bruce Rauner to sign into law would not have changed the way his office handled illegals. It would simply make the Lake County policy apply statewide.

The legislation requires that local police not comply with immigration detainers and warrants not issued by a judge. Curran said that’s already standard practice.

But writing it into the law could help stop other sheriffs or police chiefs from going rogue, supporters say.

In addition, the TRUST Act would prevent local police from stopping, searching or arresting anyone based on their immigration or citizenship status.

Curran told Brown,

“I’m a rule of law guy, yes, but you can’t have a history where we had wide open borders, where we didn’t enforce these laws forever because we desperately needed the labor and knew that our immigration process was screwed up … and then 20 years later tell them, ‘You’re here illegally.”

“In order to police these communities, protect these communities from the true predators, you have to be able to pull up with lights and all and not have widespread fear and panic among citizens that really have nothing to do with the crime.”



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  1. I can hear Sheriff Curran now, saying it’s the bigots in the Chicago area and Lake County that have made life so miserable for illegals that are to blame. Had they been more kind to the law breakers, they wouldn’t have been driven to this bizarre behavior.
    Get ready folks – it’s OUR fault.

  2. This stupid sheriff, who is a lawyer, apparently doesn’t realize that the same immigration laws on illegals were on the books when the perp feloniously entered America (though not believed to be from Norway). His logic is typically Democratic…no one was punished so why enforce laws? We know whose side he might have been on during Prohibition!
    Sheriff RINO was a Democrat until 2008 and in 2015 tried to beat the incumbent Republican states attorney in the primary. Thank God, Curran lost!
    Now we have to wait to oust this clown from the Lake County Swamp!

  3. Hats off to IR for publishing this.
    When I first heard this, my thought was – since he was apprehended in Rauner’s “Sanctuary State,” he wouldn’t be deported upon the end of his sentence – and no one said that other than IR
    Fortunately, Wisconsin is demanding his extradition – and they are not a “sanctuary state.”

  4. Trump has been right. Shithole countries dumping their unwanteds on us. And all these celebrities who talk their rubbish insisting that they should continue to allow them in are fake hypocritical liars. Because they know none if these people will move next to them. None will threaten their wealthy lifestyles as the rest of us would be having them next door. Hypocrisy!!!

  5. Curran is a politician. He has no credibility. In fact he’s a “former” Democrat like Rauner. I’m seeing a pattern. No wonder you support Madigan’s agenda, passed during the Rauner regime, so much.

  6. Consider it was no thanks to Rauner and the majority of the state legislature. Had they not REWARDED the illegal alien by providing cover for the illegal alien law breaker he could not have hijacked a bus and threatened the lives 37 citizens. Rauner and the state majority legislature should be charged with being an accessory to the crime. So stevie, just shove your sanctuary state, illegal aliens should not be hid from federal law enforcement.
    “Gov. Bruce Rauner signed the The Trust Act Monday, which will enact the nation’s strongest state-level due process protections against the deportation of immigrants.
    While the bill does not make Illinois a sanctuary state, it does say local law enforcement can’t ask people about their immigration status or hold them without a warrant.”

  7. Very lucky no one on the hijacked bus was murdered. Of course some were murdered then ICE could get a warrant and deport him… moronic logic by stevie. No telling what other crimes he committed that he got away with

  8. Federal law is supreme on immigration as you well know and it is illegal to be in the country illegally.
    Of course this Sheriff relied on a 2016 decision by Lee (another Obama appointee)> in this farce.
    Can’t wait until Trump starts appointing judges who know the law on this issue. I am sure YOU will agree!