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IL GOP funds nasty mailer in Republican House primary



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BURR RIDGE – The Illinois Republican Party is accusing Burr Ridge's mayor of doing anything to gain power – even taking money from a political supporter with "deep ties to a man accused of 'sexually molesting and assaulting teens." 

The Illinois GOP's return address is on mailers going to Republicans in a primary that has turned nasty as the popular Burr Ridge conservative Mayor Mickey Straub attempts to oust House Minority Leader Jim Durkin in the 82nd House District's March 20th primary. 

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The person "bankrolling with dirty money" is not mentioned on the flyer, but a Chicago Tribune November 28, 2017 story is vaguely quoted to hint at just who that person is. The story is written by Chicago Tribune's political reporter Rick Pearson's story about conservative political donor Dick Uihlein, who contributed to the political action committee that supported Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore in last month's special election.  Moore was accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls 30 years ago. 

Pearson mentions in the story that Uihlein wrote checks to conservative political action committees in Illinois – pacs headed by radio talk show host Dan Proft. Those pacs are supporting several Republican challengers in the March 2018 GOP primary. 

And that is how the IL GOP mailer is tying Mayor Mickey Straub to a political action committee headed by Dan Proft, generously funded by conservative Dick Uihlein, who also wrote a check to a pac that contributed to Judge Roy Moore's campaign.

Thus, the IL GOP mailer concludes, Mickey Straub is wrong for "our families," and wrong "for Illinois."

Already, the Burr Ridge Village Board called for an apology for the Durkin campaign accusing the board for inappropriate fund appropriations.

The campaign – the latest chapter in a longtime bitter feud between Jim Durkin and Dan Proft – is sure to get nastier. 

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  1. This is why the Republican Party isn’t my party in this state. A state constitution that created teacher pensions? A state income tax? A state income tax increase? 3% pension COLA? Pension ramp? 15 Republican State Representatives who voted to restore Quinn tax increase? Not my party. You can have it. Libertarian could be a good option this year depending on what happens in several primaries.

  2. What a sleazy move by the state Republican Party. We all remember the brouhaha when Durkin hired Joe Woodward, Hillary operative and scion of a Democratic family. This was the best Durkin could do for Republican leadership.
    It is time to FLUSH THE TOILET of perpetual Springfield sycophants and politicians. Time to flush the toilet on the perhaps deliberately low quality leadership of the state party.
    Durkin and his RINO lap poodles play around in Springpatch pretending they are so effective when they are merely disposable toys under the control of “Premier Meglamaniac” Mike Madigan who has destroyed our state with his legislative dictatorship. All his minions, Democrat and Republican, constantly elbow their way up to get to his throne and curry his favor. Leaders? FLUSH THE TOILET.
    I believe “Skull crusher” the nicest epithet Madigan has ever been called. But that job is easy, after all, empty skulls offer no resistance.
    The cure for Springfield

  3. But opening strip clubs is good for Illinois families? Ok, Durkin. Ok ILGOP. Never again. You have lost this committeeman for LIFE. To all my friends in DGTRO, you know what Durkin has done in the past to people not in his club. Here he goes again. I shouldn’t have to ask, but please don’t stand with him. If you do, then that’s ok. I know that you endorsed him even before the petition filing period was done. You’re locked in and can’t go back. I’ll just know that you were all full of it when you complained about him before. It’s not about what is right for Illinois. I get it. It’s not about a republican agenda. It’s about keeping someone in power that can’t (or won’t) control his caucus when it matters and keeping in the hopes that one day you will be rewarded for your support.
    It’s also so incredibly short-sighted of the ILGOP. Tim Schneider and the SCC are idiots to let their cash starved organization make such an insinuation about someone who gives money to Republican candidates… someone who could give much more to the party in the future. Most on the right defended Roy Moore when the accusations first came out. We didn’t know. Goodness, be honest. But I guess that doesn’t matter to the ILGOP. Of course not. Rauner won’t go back to giving his money to the democrats after he loses the governor’s race right? Do you think Ken Griffin’s money doesn’t go away too? HAHAHA! So dumb.
    Did they already legalize marijuana at ILGOP and HRO meetings? These scorched earth tactics do not build a party. They create free agents. Good luck.

  4. This is EXACTLY why Jim Durkin needs to GO. The fact that Durkin and the GOP establishment hacks are behind this vile mailer shows that Durkin has absolutely no principles and will stoop to the lowest of lows. He sold his soul long ago and his actions and votes in Springfield have shown that very clearly. Anyone who votes for this dirtbag is a traitor to true Republican values and principles, let alone to the officially ADOPTED and RATIFIED Republican platform. Vote for Mickey Straub and send Durkin packing.

  5. Mickey Straub is one of the most ethical, honest, hard working people I know. The Republican Party in Illinois needs to be revamped in many ways starting with Durkin and Rauner, two weak leaders that shouldn’t be called Republicans. Can we believe Durkin can ever get the job done when he has been no more than the whipping boy for Madigan. Durkin’s attack of Straub, a true servant leader, needs to be ridiculous and outrageous to get the attention of people who don’t know Mickey. Anyone who knows Mickey Straub personally knows he is a courageous, fiscally conservative, principally strong leader who won’t be bullied by the sewer rats in Springfield.

  6. When candidates take advantage of their ability to use the state party’s postal rates and efficiencies, the mailing piece must identify the party. In reality, the candidate committees are paying for the mailing, but that is not the impression left by the imprint on the mailer. This has surfaced before as cause for concern, and yet the statutes regulating the wording to be used is pretty specific. No endorsement or party involvement is indicated or intended by the required phrase.

  7. Shame on Durkin, Shame on I-GOP and Shame on Rauner. There is no better candidate for Families and Illinois than my friend Mickey Straub. Who could be more Right for Families? Rauner with his tax payer funding of abortions? Durkin & Rauner for failing to hold Republicans together to stop an egregious tax hike? Yet another example of the pot calling the kettle black.
    While politics is not bean bag this attack of unproven guilt by association twice removed is anemic at best and mendacious at worst. It is sad when failed incumbents take to slime slinging when challenged from within but it is not surprising. Take heart Mickey Straub. You are strong they are week and running scared.
    Vince Kolber

  8. Durkin’s Republican party pose is solely a matter of geographic convenience. He had the opportunity to run in a GOP district, so he affiliated with the Republicans as a RINO. When that district was remapped out of existence, the establishment saw to it that he was given another opportunity by moving to a new address in a different district.