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Rauner grabs DuPage County support, Ives dubs it “back scratching”




DuPAGE – DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin boosted Governor Bruce Rauner with kind words at an event spotlighting Rauner supporters in challenger Jeanne Ives' Du Page County backyard Monday. 

Cronin called Rauner "uniquely qualified" to beat the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in the Nov. 6 election. He also said the governor's "got very strong support across DuPage" and "reflects the views and sentiments of DuPage County voters," according to a Daily Herald report.

Fourteen area mayors sided with Rauner – including Hanover Park's Rod Craig and Naperville's Steve Chirico. 

One of State Rep. Jeanne Ives' House colleagues – Grant Wehrli – also backed the governor.

Those endorsements didn't intimidate Ives. 

"I'll put all my endorsements against him any day," she told the Daily Herald. "He has zero grassroots-level support. I'm not surprised by the back-scratching routine. Downstate is not with Rauner."


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  1. Hillary Clinton won Dan Cronin’s county by 18 points last year, no Republican Presidential candidate has actually won the county in 14 years and Senator Mark Kirk couldn’t even win it. What does Dan Cronin have to say for it?

  2. Trump devastated the Illinois GOP. He carried the State in the GOP primary without campaigning much, or putting any staff or much money into the State. Anything the current GOP leadership says about elections and candidates should be taken with a large grain of salt. They’re clueless. No shame in that, but they should but in a cork in backing Rauner who has very little to show for himself as Governor. The party would benefit from some give and take on issues.

  3. Ives is disconnected from reality. She says, “Downstate is not with Rauner.” But, the polling in this race actually shows Rauner doing even better against Ives downstate than he is in Cook and the collars.

  4. What parallel universe or parallel reality are you dwelling in? Ives will, at the very least, garner 40% of the GOP primary vote.
    And, at a bare minimum, 20% of her voters will sit out the general election, on the gubernatorial line. There is no way that RINO Rauner can win under those circumstances.
    And, to quote Rhett Butler, “Frankly, my dear, we don’t give a damn.”

  5. Sorry Joe, won’t don’t you get? The Illinois GOP establishment told us Trump would be the end of the GOP. Trump won the Illinois Primary and then went on to win the general. Now the same establishment tells us Ives can’t win and we should back Rauner against the likely Democrat candidate Pritzker? Rauner is the “electable” candidate (after the disaster his Governorship has become). The establishment should put a cork in their blather is my point. Trump beat them like drums. That should have been a lesson.

  6. Exactly, DuPage was one of the most reliable republican counties in the nation; but hasn’t voted for a republican president since ’04 Bush. They are loosing local elections to far left liberals, yet the republican leadership keeps playing footsie with the liberal side of the party.

  7. Totally agree, Bill Baar. The current IL GOP leadership – including Rauner – was all in for John Kasich – the limp-wristed Ohio gov.
    Illinois Republican Party leadership makes a mockery of the GOP brand. They’re more Democrat than Republican.
    They despise the IL GOP Platform and principles we unite around. They ignore it and the grassroots lets them. That needs to stop if they ever want to build a party that has teeth and power.

  8. It’s delusional to think that Jeanne Ives has any chance whatsoever of winning when she has poll numbers of 40% under Rauner with a recognition percentage of less than 8%.
    The only thing she knows how to do is to complain, with no idea how to lead and how to move the conservative cause forward.
    The real Insider’s know this and the only ones who think Jeanne has a chance are the are the blind and delusional, one issue ideloges who have hopped on Jeannie’s bandwagon without any realization what she is really like and her true capabilities to be the governor of the state of Illinois.

  9. “The real Insider’s know this…”
    Are you talking about the “real insiders” who refused to endorse Ronald Reagan in 1980 and who scoffed at Donald Trump in 2016 and who in their ultimate RINO wisdom have transformed Republicans into a State legislative super minority?
    Well, guess what. Illinois conservatives aren’t going to “hold their noses” — or “put on their big-boy pants” and vote for Rauner this time around.
    If Rep. Ives is the spearhead of nothing more than a kamakaze mission to keep RINO Rauner out, then so be it.
    But who knows? She could win the nomination – and stranger things (Mayor Jane Byrne, e.g.) have been know to happen in Illinois politics.