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New Trier GOP committeeman candidate says Garber resignation “appropriate”



Alex KaplanNEW TRIER – The Garber controversy has spilled over into a primary contest for the next New Trier Township Republican Committeeman – an organization within the 9th Congressional District that Garber represents in the Illinois Republican State Central Committee. 

Alex Kaplan, a candidate for New Trier Township Republican Committeeman, reacted to Garber's derogatory social media comments about East St. Louis, saying,  "Blair Garber's comments about East St. Louis are an insult to the good people whose hometown has suffered over the past 30 years thanks to poor policy in Springfield."
Kaplan said Garber's unnecessary, toxic remarks are evidence that he is unfit to represent the 9th Congressional District as State Central Committeeman.

"Mr. Garber has been a thorn in my campaign's side. He was part of the baseless challenge to my candidacy in December. He has supported and endorsed my opponent, Kathy Myalls. What's Kathy's position on Mr. Garber's future on the State Central Committee?" Kaplan said.
Kaplan said Garber's comments are evidence that he needs to step down from his IL GOP positions.
"I believe Mr. Garber's resignation from the Lottery Control Board was appropriate. Further, I call on his resignation from the State Central Committee and as Evanston Township Committeeman. As your New Trier Township Republican Committeeman, I will not be voting for Mr. Garber for State Central Committeeman."


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  1. Kaplan was an arrogant non-entity when he came around Republican organizations asking for signatures and donations for his judicial race. I hope he didn’t break any bones as he patted himself on the back during the primary.
    He wasn’t even considered by some to be “qualified.”
    His real estate management suggests he could be the owner of East St. Louis properties. What does Kaplan call his slums? Paradise?
    Is this Kaplan’s official campaign song??

  2. Kaplan’s petitions were challenged and has voted in nearly all Democrat primaries. He is only running for Committeeman so he can get a cushy judicial appointment.
    It’s too bad the New Trier organzation has fallen so far. Fortunately, there will be a choice for Township Committman in New Trier.