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Rhoads: Obama Judges Still Running Wild



By Mark Rhoads –Wynn

Federal Judge James J. Wynn was appointed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals by President Barack Obama in August of 2010. Wynn apparently imagines that he has the authority to order the elected state legislature of North Carolina to redraw its Congressional Districts because in his opinion they unfairly favor Republicans.

Judge Wynn even imagines that a partisan gerrymander runs contrary to the Constitution because it violated equal protection and due process clauses. But can anyone imagine that any judge appointed by a Democratic president would make the same argument against any state legislature controlled by Democrats that they cannot draw a map that might favor of their party? Wynn is a classic example of an intellectually dishonest jurist.


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  1. The left is attempting to employ a formula based on “wasted votes” which pretty much would guarantee actual gerrymanders (salamander shaped districts) found in Illinois and Maryland and Massachusetts. The left has no answer what to do with lots of liberal voters who can’t stomach living by NONliberals, as well as people in public housing, but to develop formulas that actually say that Illinois districts aren’t gerrymanders but Iowa districts are. Yes, that ludicrous.

  2. Judges can be impeached and removed.
    It HAS been done in the past.
    It’s long past time for some of the Clinton and Obama appointed judges to have their judicial decisions reviewed.
    Some obviously need to be removed (especially those of the west-coast Federal court circus).