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Chicago cardinal joins Illinois Democrats’ gun control effort



Catholic Conference Bob Gilligan introduces Cardinal Cupich to reporters Wednesday

SPRINGFIELD – Wednesday morning, Cardinal Blaise Cupich joined calls for more gun control in Illinois, a state with already some of the nation's most stringent gun restrictions. Cupich joined the effort following the high school shooting in Parkland Florida two weeks ago.

“Our young people are shaming the adult world to recall that the principle rights among all those we hold inalienable in this nation are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Cupich told reporters in a press conference hosted by the Catholic Conference.

He said children in Newtown and Parkland were denied those rights. 

The head of the Chicago Archdiocese said students who've been traumatized by the shootings are “shaming” adults for their inaction to restrict gun violence. He then asked of those that stand against what he called “common sense” gun laws,"Who are you protecting?"

The Illinois House is expected to consider several bills Wednesday that would place more restrictions on gun use in Illinois. 


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  1. The idiot…. why don’t you help find out why children don’t value human life. That is the problem not guns, why are there people so willing to mass murder? I have owned all sorts of guns for over 40 years and not one of those guns has ever killed a human being… not one. Guns aren’t evil, people who don’t value human life are evil.

  2. He is also lobbying on behalf of DACA illegal aliens. Bertrand Russell wrote a pamphlet entitled, “Why I am not a Christian.” After seeing this Cardinal, I am thinking of using my 12 years of Catholic education to write a pamphlet for my fellow baby-boomers entitled, “Why I’m not a Catholic.”