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Moms demand more regulations on Illinois gun dealers



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SPRINGFIELD – The gun control group "Moms Demand Action" will be in the faces of state lawmakers Wednesday, holding "corrupt gun dealers accountable."

The group says in a press statement they expect hundreds of mothers to gather at the State Capitol. "Moms Demand Action" is affiliated with the group "Everytown," founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

While several gun control bills are to be considered on the Illinois House floor, Moms Demand Action will be lobbying lawmakers to support the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, SB 1657. The measure would require gun dealers to adopt "responsible practices" and "hold corrupt dealers accountable."


SB 1657 would help curb a major source of illegally trafficked firearms from entering Illinois communities by requiring:

  • Background checks for gun store employees
  • Gun dealers to keep their business premises open for inspection by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and by law enforcement during business hours
  • Training for gun store employees on responsible business practices and the laws applicable to selling firearms
  • Video surveillance and alarm systems installed for all brick and mortar locations
  • New stores not to operate within 500 feet of any school

More on Moms Demand Action: 


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  1. There is no evidence that federally licensed gun dealers, sometimes individuals, have committed an violations of state or federal law. They must have a federal license (FFL), and maintain meticulous records, subject to frequent, unannounced audits by BATF. If there were violations, Illinois, particularly Cook County, would have been on it like a duck on a junebug, splashing their findings across the headlines.
    It is not surprising that guns confiscated can be traced to legitimate dealers. That’s true of most guns, other than stolen in transit (like from Chicago train yards). What is not obvious is the time lapse between legal purchase and illegal use averages to about 12 years. The firearm used to murder CPD Commander Bauer was purchased legally in 2011, sold legally to a member of the purchaser’s gun club, but subsequently resold under questionable circumstances.
    The other unpleasant truth is that most guns found on the street are sold through an illicit chain of transactions completely separate from the one mandated by the government. No new law will touch this supply chain, any more than existing laws. It is very difficult for police to infiltrate this shadowy organization, because business is conducted between acquaintances and family members. Illinois wants to make crime illegaler, LOL.
    The result of Illinois licensing will be to raise the cost of business to an unacceptable level., driving many out of business. Video of transactions, nearly all of which are legitimate, is a serious violation of privacy, and unnecessary. A FOID card and government-issued photo ID is required by BATF and documented on Form 4473. which is retained by the dealer.
    This bill is yet another instance of “Do something, then think about it later.”