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Ives defends campaign ad, insiders say ad all about name recognition




CHICAGO – The Ives' campaign's controversial "Thanks, Governor Rauner" ad continues to stir discussion among political devotees – and insiders say the Ives campaign is betting the kerfuffle will raise the state rep's name recognition among Illinois conservatives – what may be Ives' biggest obstacle heading into the March 20th IL GOP primary. 

Polling is showing Ives' lack of name recognition may be keeping her from climbing in IL GOP polling. The "Thanks Governor Rauner" ad is intended to draw attention to the Governor's challenger in the IL GOP primary. The Rauner camp is implementing an "ignore her" strategy by focusing on the Democrat he expects to face in the November 2018 General Election.

Often saying she's heading a "Revolution," over the weekend Ives told a Facebook critic that the ad paid for by her campaign "doesn't attack people, it tackles issues." She said it also shows that the governor is showing his preference of constituencies – while excluding others, like the IL GOP conservative base. 

From Ives' Facebook Page over the weekend, critic Lori Ryan-Connelly writes:

Lori Ryan-Connelly You missed the mark with that ad. Honestly, Jeanne you’re smarter and have more to offer than that. You should fire your campaign advisor for letting that horrible ad see the light of day. Who’s vote are you trying to garner with an ad like that? I traditionally vote democratic and I am looking for someone who is going to solve the state’s fiscal problems not someone who is going to pander to the extremes. If you had stuck to your strengths- such as your legislative experience, accomplishments, and your possible solutions, you would have won over moderate Republican voters and Democratic voters like myself- which is what you need to not only to beat Rauner in the primary but to go on to beat whoever is the Democratic candidate in the election. I’m disappointed.

Ives admitted the ad was "provocative," and intended to characterize the governor's "extreme" issue positions. 

Jeanne Ives So what the commercial that is generating the expected hysteria from the expected quarters attempted to do, admittedly provocatively, was to properly and truthfully characterize the extreme issue positions Rauner took and their implications.

The commercial does not attack people, it tackles issues by truthfully illustrating the constituencies Rauner has chosen to serve to the exclusion of others.
Rauner chose Exelon fat cats over taxpayers. 
Rauner chose Rahm and CPS schools over suburban and downstate schools.
Rauner chose Planned Parenthood and Personal PAC over pro-lifers or even simply over abiding the spirit of the Hyde Amendment which remains in force at the federal level.
And Rauner chose the political agenda of the LGBTQ movement over the privacy interests of moms and dads who don’t want their daughters forced to be in the same bathrooms and locker rooms as men. 

This is a real issue being litigated in Palatine school district 211 and across the country. Last month, a Wisconsin school district agreed to pay a transgender student $800,000 to settle a lawsuit she filed in a successful attempt to share bathrooms and overnight sleeping quarters with male high school students.
There was a story in the New York Post over the weekend about a father-daughter dance at a Staten Island elementary school being cancelled because it offended the trans rights community.
I’m sorry. But, as the mother of a daughter in elementary, school, my husband Paul and I are not on board for this.

Ives' ignored calls to take down the ad from IL GOP Chairman Tim Schneider and three other candidates running for statewide office. Governor Rauner did not release a formal statement, but told one reporter the ad shows Rep. Ives is not qualified to be governor. 


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  1. Ives is hardly a sensible candidate. How silly to condemn Garber over the use of a word and “taking down” the state central committeeman when, if a candidate, she’d have to get the support of other such committeemen. “Sound advice” from losing radio jocks?Who can trust her now?
    Sadly Illinois Republicans contribute their dollars to the party, often like change in a jukebox- you hear the right tune for awhile, and then the lights go out one by one. FIGHT AFTER WINNING THE OFFICE, NOT BEFORE!

  2. It is a GREAT ad. Satire is both humorous and enlightening, because satire mirrors TRUTH, and the truth is: Brucie Rauner betrayed the Republican voters who elected him four years ago.
    When the Democrats hold their six-candidate debates, the missing seventh candidate is RINO/Democrat Bruce Rauner.

  3. Good old Bruce “I have no social agenda” Rauner showed in his term as gov that that’s ALL he had. The ad is perfect and all the naysayers need to look at who he (and the real mayor…his wife) hang around. All dems. Rauner was a dem, is a dem and always will be a dem.

  4. The ad merely highlights the absurd policies of the left.
    The fact is, Bruce Rauner and his wife are not ashamed of their Leftism — as reported by IR, they even sponsored the left-wing Equality Illinois banquet in support of abortion and transgenderism. Why should conservatives shrink back from pointing these things out? (We shouldn’t!)

  5. Big deal – the Cook County GOP committeemen endorsed the guy that gave the $25k last month.
    All we know now is that endorsements can be bought.
    And that the Cook County GOP has totally ignored the IL GOP platform that ties the party together.
    We now know that the party leadership is at odds with the party base. These are sad days ahead for the IL GOP.

  6. Hardly overwhelming. Out of 80 townships and wards, only 53 committeemen voted. Rauner lost the Chicago committeemen (again)failing to get 50% of the city votes. He eked out an endorsement relying upon newly appointed committeemen (to fill vacancies) and proxies to pad his totals from the suburbs. A number of the committeemen had received contributions for their organizations for good measure.
    While there was a legal quorum to transact business, it was not impressive. Rauner received roughly 66% to Ives’ 34%. By rule, the Cook County organization requires 60% to endorse. The meeting took place during a snow storm. Had a few more opponents of Rauner arrived and voted, Ives supporters may have blocked the endorsement.
    In former years, it would have been almost impossible to envision an incumbent governor having to plead for an endorsement in person or to face such hostile questioning.

  7. One of the questions that Rauner was forced to answer was if he would support Ives if she won the primary? He answered in the affirmative. Later, he back pedaled by saying that he expects to win the primary.

  8. It is also worth noting that the Cook County Republican meeting was supposed to have been scheduled in December (after petitions were filed and the field was set), but, obviously, it was repeatedly postponed. One possible explanation is that Team Rauner needed time to secure the necessary votes and the checks had to clear before the endorsement session. Numerous other organizations endorsed weeks earlier. Rauner still failed to carry with the Chicago wards and mopped up in the burbs.