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New Ives’ ad: “Now that I’ve got your attention …”



And apparently, the GOP gubernatorial challenger has incumbent Governor Rauner's attention, too … a Rauner mailer hit Republican mailboxes Friday referring to the TV ad Rauner's campaign has been running. 



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  1. I am with the Governor 100% but he made a mistake here. He should not have had this mailer sent from Citizens for Rauner. It should have been sent from the Illinois Republican Party. The state party gets cheaper rates, so Governor Rauner could have “exposed” more voters to the Madigan-Ives connection if this mailer was from the party. Hope they remember this next time.

  2. So, you want the Illinois Republican Party to “officially” and visibly take sides in the Primary (as if they haven’t already)?
    What do you want this to look like?
    The Hillary vs. Bernie Democrat race?
    Is that how even REPUBLICANS as well as Democrats operate in Cook County? Or should I ask this of Mr. De Mar?

  3. We need Jeanne Ives leadership.
    Rauner, Madigan, and Cullerton are the three reason Illinois is in trouble.
    Rauner, Madigan, and Cullerton voted to Kill unborn babies using tax dollars.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  4. Gov. Rauner is the problem in Springfield, his tawdry tactics embellished with lies really show his content of character. The links in this publication (https://illinoisfamilyaction.org/2018/01/rauner-was-for-a-state-income-tax-increase-before-he-was-against-it/ ) can perhaps refresh his memory and willfully amnesiac followers of exactly just who, Madigan has under his thumb. I personally say, no more to four more years of Rauner’s reprehensible “Leadership!”

  5. Yes I do, at approx. 35:12 mins in the link here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/95787563-133.html
    Jeanne discusses Madigan and in this review board interview she speaks about how her and others were willing to call Madigan’s bluff on a tax bill and Rauner called them, her, to hold off. She has the experience to lead and to know when and who to work with In Springfield! Instead of worrying about her friendships, worry about a Governor’s capacities. Perhaps we should all be reminded that Rauner sat down with Chance the rapper to discuss Chicago schools funding….gee where did that go? A celebrity friendship and “little Chano” publicly talking negatively about Rauner afterwards. Waste of the taxpayers time that little stunt.

  6. Jeanne was the most ineffective legislator in the Illinois state house. IF I recall, She only get 5 bills pass for her total of three terms in office. All she is good for is to scream what is already self evident. She has no leadership, and is only a puppet for forces that want power for its own sake, and trying to get power under the cover of “religion” and use whatever means to get power.

  7. Rep Ives made a stupid commercial that was lowbrow and beneath dignity. Now she wants to smugly refer to it by saying “now that I have you attention” she HAD my attention but list my respect and vote. There is a better way to address policy instead if following the lowbrow Trump path. Illinois is without a decent, conservative choice.