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D.C. prolife group key to Democrat Lipinski’s win



CHICAGO – Democrat Congressman Dan Lipinski has prolifers to thank for beating his first primary challenge ever in the 3rd Congressional District. 

While Susan B Anthony List says they visited only Democrat households to vote for Lipinski, other prolife leaders urged Republicans to crossover and pull Democrat ballots in the race. Prolife Action League's Eric Scheidler urged Republicans to pull Democrat ballots in that district – making those Republican pro-lifers unable to vote in the Republican gubernatorial race for prolifer Jeanne Ives. Chris Iverson, who is a prolife activist, joined Scheidler in the call to get involved in the Democrat race.

Politics Illinois credited Susan B Anthony List's door knockers as being crucial in Lipinski's .5 point win.

For the first time in a decade, the SBA List list got involved on behalf of a congressional Democrat — and they went all in for Lipinski. The group deployed 70 volunteers in the district for four days, targeting 17,000 voters who opposed abortion rights, including knocking on more than 26,000 doors. And the SBA List bundled money for Lipinski, sent two pieces of voter contact mail and produced digital ads on his behalf. In a razor-close race where the two candidates were separated by less than 2,000 votes, they might have made the difference.

SBA List – which also endorsed Ives for Republicans – posted the following: 

We were so proud to be on the ground in #IL03 this past weekend to get out the vote for #ProLife Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski!! ✊🚪✅❤️👶🤰@DLipinski03 #StandWithDan #GOTV pic.twitter.com/hRDcqcrPXs


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  1. Margret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood in 1916 was admired by Adolf Hitler.
    Go on line and link Margret Sanger/Adolf Hitler. You will find that baby killing is not a American value.
    Madigan, Cullerton and J B are for killing babies also.
    Dan Lipinski, Jeanne Ives, Doug Bennett are for live.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  2. Democrats are nearly as stupid as Republicans. If they wouldn’t go so insane left they would realize that there are lots of people in this country that aren’t Ron Paul/Paul Ryan free market Republicans who would be willing to vote Democrat if they were sane on abortion, queer marriage, transsexuals, and all the other perversions. Unfortunately for the Lipinski’s of the world his party has become the party of minorities and perverts.

  3. And one thing that most people forget. Dan Lipinski is the only Dem in the IL Congressional delegation who is for immigration control.
    When I went back to Capitol Hill to lobby for immigration control in the 90’s, Dan’s father, Bill Lipinski, shook my hand gave me his card – said I’m 100% with you.
    The only other IL Cong. who did that was Phil Crane – the most conservative Republican in the delegation.
    Most of the other IL GOP Congressmen, gave me a mealy-mouthed answer.
    And GOP. Cong.Mark Kirk, ran away from me, as if I were Typhoid Mary.
    I would be convinced that Congressman, Dan Lipinski is someone who could be relied upon – on a variety of issues.

  4. Looks like Jeanne Ives lost 19,500 prolife votes in the 3rd CD for a guy that voted to continue to fund Planned Parenthood with $500M in the omnibus budget.
    Shame on everyone that encouraged or participated in the crossover.

  5. I’m sorry, you are right. When I brought up the need for immigration control, Cong. Mark Kirk ran away from me like a frightened little child, at a GOP picnic in a Forest Preserve in Des Plaines in 2002.
    Does that significantly change the veracity of the account?

  6. Kirk was a Congressional staff member for US Representative John Porter (R-10) during the early 1990s. It is quite possible for someone lobbying Congress to have met him at the time. Kirk succeeded Porter in Congress following the 2000 election.

  7. Sir, maybe you don’t believe that the truth and words have any value, but I do. I see you’ve bought into the progressive line that things have no meaning. That men and can become women. That it doesn’t matter what AR stands for. That pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-death.
    You can stand for this things, sir. But I will always (ALWAYS) believe that the truth and veracity are of paramount importance.

  8. I didn’t know that Kirk was an aide to John Edward Porter, back then.
    I do know that Congressman Porter posed for a photo with three of the immigration control activists, back then (all from his North Shore District).
    And I do know that Kirk didn’t want to hear about immigration control and ran like a frightened chicken, when we sought to speak with him about it at a GOP picnic.
    I’m guessing that, that level of pussillaminmity, is why Mark Kirk lost his race for Senate.

  9. Jeanne’s people were informed of several thousand PRO-LIFE Democrats who could have crossed over to vote for her in the Primary. The list was complete with names, addresses and phone numbers, a “targeted” list.
    Whether or not they used this information, I do not know.
    BUT, it could have made the difference.