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IL Congressman Gutierrez offers fired FBI McCabe a job



CHICAGO – Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez (4th CD) offered the fired FBI chief Andrew McCabe a job Saturday via Twitter, saying together they need to "stand up to bullies":

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 2.30.34 PM

McCabe was scheduled to retire at 12:01 am Sunday morning after 21 years. 


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  1. Ahhh, Lil Louie Gutierrez, our felonious excuse for a Congress person is going into the employment business I see. He must be offering this scummy traitor , Andrew McCabe a job as a bus boy at a taco stand. Birds of a feather flock together.
    He can work his way back up the ladder the same way this disgusting Congressman did, through lies, extortion,and the aid of his loyal constituents; The Latin Kings!

  2. This seems odd to me. He is a congressman elected to represent his district. He might hire a small number of personal staff or interns but not much else. To my knowledge , he has no authority or right to hire any government employees.
    I’m not even sure if he should recommend anybody.
    Is this an ethics violations? I thought his job was to propose and vote on laws. That’s all,
    Where is main stream media on this along with other watch dogs?

  3. General Flynn’s personal savings were wiped out defending himself in addition to facing emergent family problems. A man who actually was in the front lines of American defense is pauperized while delusional idiots fret about McCabe’s retirement package.
    Andrew McCabe luxuriated in air conditioned offices during the years Gen. Flynn actively protected America.
    McCabe is a disgrace to the American criminal justice system and a sycophant living off of cheap, near-traitorous slimy politicians who infect this Nation with their toxic policies and protection of other swamp creatures.
    I look to the day when justice comes to this monster McCabe and he is put far from the decent society which he scammed.