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Palatine GOP lawmaker makes last minute push for Ives



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PALATINE – State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) is going all out to help his colleague State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) in her bid to be the IL GOP's gubernatorial nominee in the March 20th GOP primary. He endorsed her early on and has appeared numerous times on Ives' behalf.

Saturday, Morrison introduced Ives to Palatine residents at the area's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

"We have no greater fighter for Illinois taxpayers and families than Jeanne Ives," Morrison said. 

Nine other state lawmakers are on the Ives for Governor wagon, Morrison said. 

Morrison made this video last weekend and shared flyers he's distributing for Ives: 



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  1. I am totally going to vote for Rep.Ives over RINO Rauner.
    But I wouldn’t hold your breath on this being a winning campaign.
    I moved from one suburb to another – got my drivers license changed and new voter registration form via motor voter. I have not received my new voters registration card and do not know where my new polling place is.
    When I called the Ives for Governor office for information about this – in the middle of a Thursday — NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE!
    I have managed successful GOP congressional campaigns in WI, FLA and KY and just wanted to volunteer to work my suburban precinct for Ives. I have worked literally hundreds of precincts in my life. Just wanted to volunteer to work a precinct for Mrs. Ives.
    And Ives’ volunteer co-ordinator said to me, “we’ll see what we can do for you.”
    This does not have the odor of a winning campaign.

  2. I have known Tom Morrison for a long time. Actually before he entered politics, and I’ve been watching his leadership ever since.
    If Tom Morrison is backing Jeanne Ives I would recommend that, that’s a vote you can’t refuse.
    I will back Morrison to the hilt!

  3. Laborious –
    Do you kiss your mother with a lying mouth (keyboard) like that?
    Again, Again, Madigan can’t wait until Jeanne Ives is out of the Illinois House. She is the ONLY Republican that publicly stands up to him. And besides the fact her bills are conservative and reflect common sense – it’s the reason why her bills are usually dead on arrival in committee. You have to wonder about the GOPers that get their bills out of committee. They’re compromised somehow.
    Vote Jeanne Ives.

  4. Hey, Rep. Morrison – I tried to contact your office 3 times on the day before the election.
    The Democrats used to call Illinois Republicans, “The Stupid Party.”
    But I am inclined to think they were wrong. It is the imbecilic party.
    We never used to run things with this level of incompetence during the Reagan era.
    But we used to will elections then.

  5. Rauner is Madigan’s favorite republican, after all Rauner supported about everything Madigan put on the table. Three of Madigan’s bills Rauner supported violate the Illinois constitution, of course filthy rich Rauner doesn’t recognize the state constitution when it crosses is world view

  6. Kind of late for you for this primary, but the Republicans of Wheeling Township run a highly efficient and effective operation. Going forward, if you are in the area, or even if not, stop by and see how an effective GOP group operates.