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UPDATE x1: IL Senate passed measure adding “poison pill” to bump stock ban, 37-16-3




UPDATE x1: Wednesday, the Illinois Senate added a measure to allow municipalities to ban certain long guns. The 37-16-3 vote will be soon posted HERE. With the addition, HB 1467 will need to go back to the Illinois House before proceeding to the governor's desk.

SPRINGFIELD – A measure that banned the controversial bump stocks when it passed the Illinois House could be "poisoned" in the Illinois Senate with an amendment proposed by Democrat Sen. Kwame Raoul of Chicago. The Illinois State Rifle Association calls Raoul's change a "poison pill." 

Raoul's Senate Amendment 1 would roll back municipal preemption that passed the Illinois legislature in 2013 as a vital part of the concealed carry agreement. "Specifically it repeals the preemption on long guns and allows municipalities to ban any long guns they see fit," the ISRA website says.

"Instead of having a uniform state law, where everyone knows the rules, Illinois will have a patchwork of inconsistent local gun laws – with good people unknowingly becoming criminals as they travel the state," ISRA says.

Raoul's change is deliberately divisive when there is broad, bi-partisan agreement on bump stocks – especially notable since Raoul is running in the March 20th primary to be the Democrat Party's nominee for attorney general. 

The ISRA recommends Second Amendment supporters call their lawmakers to oppose HB 1467. 

As of Wednesday morning the list of sponsor and co-sponsors includes two Republican senators – Sen. Jim Oberweis and Sen. Chris Nybo. (Sen. Kwame Raoul - Julie A. Morrison - Laura M. Murphy - Jacqueline Y. Collins - Ira I. SilversteinToi W. HutchinsonHeather A. SteansIris Y. MartinezJim Oberweis and Chris Nybo)

UPDATE x1: An analysis of the roll call Wednesday shows three Republicans that broke ranks in favor of HB 1467 – Senators Jim Oberweis, Chris Nybo and Sue Rezin. Three GOP senators voted Present: Althoff, McConnaugnahay and Rooney. 

One Democrat – Senator Bill Haine – voted no. 

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  1. Article one, section eight, clauses fifteen and sixteen of the U.S. Constitution which pertains to the state militias prevents states from banning guns to those under 21 years olds…. An 18 year can be drafted into the Army to die for his country but the State of Illinois denies constitutionally protected freedoms to 18, 19, 20 year olds. The Constitution grants Congress the power over state militias. Per clause sixteen, the states are reserved only the authority to appoint officers and train their respective state militia in a discipline prescribed by congress. It is article one, section eight, clauses fifteen and sixteen of the U.S. Constitution that prohibits the states from banning arms and disarming the militias (citizens). The tenth amendment states the powers not delegated to the federal gov’t by the U.S. Constitution or prohibited by the U.S. constitution to the states are reserved to the states respectively. It’s obvious the states are prohibited by the U.S, constitution from the authority to disarm the militias and or infringe the right to keep and bear arms since the constitution explicitly grants congress authority over state militias with the only exceptions being the appointment of officers and training.
    “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.” – George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution 1788
    No State may lawfully make any law which contradicts its State Constitution or which interferes with Congress’ power to “organize, arm, and discipline, the Militia.” As Justice Scalia ably articulated in Heller, the Second Amendment was designed to protect what Blackstone called “the natural right of resistance and self-preservation.” Without access to the weapons in common use in our time, the law-abiding citizen will grow increasingly and intolerably vulnerable to the lawless. Thus, to properly defend life and liberty, access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.
    Nowhere in the Constitution did we delegate to the government any right to impose ANY restrictions on guns, ammo, etc.
    I simply don’t see how state govt thinks it has the lawful authority to override federal and US constitutional law. The 10th amendment in the US constitution spells it out, state laws are subservient to federal law. The general assembly cannot lawfully ban long guns. Per the Rule of law No State may lawfully make any law which contradicts its State Constitution or which interferes with Congress’ power to “organize, arm, and discipline, the Militia.”
    The states of Connecticut and Maryland both found that out, when their respective gun bans were deemed unconstitutional by the federal courts. Governor rauner you must veto this proposed bill…. rule of law, not rule by corrupt state legislature. The state and municipalities cannot ban long guns…. They are part of the militia’s arms and must be afforded ALL constitutional protections. Kwame Raoul’s amendment is nothing short of tyranny.

  2. i think everyon of them that voted for this has sold their soul.
    they want to be reelected so bad that they go against their own real beliefs.
    i even had helped some get elected
    i guess i made a mistake

  3. I know. I helped him out in 2002, when he was masquerading as a conservative, running around in a red Mustang convertible and chasing around young girls, in the wake of his divorce.
    How does the conservative IL GOP end up with standard bearers like this – who betray us at the first chance?

  4. You have a good memory. I don’t remember the Mustang.
    I also worked his campaigns, several of them, but no more.
    Were you aware he is a graduate of Aurora’s Marmion Military Academy, a Catholic school which had rifle teams, and small arms training as part of the curriculum?
    Even REAL machine guns.