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Ives tells supporters she’s within 7 points of a Rauner upset



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WHEATON – Last week, GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives said she was within 10 points of upsetting Governor Rauner Tuesday. Last night, an email sent out to Ives supporters narrowed the gap to 7 points. 

"Two months ago, Bruce Rauner was beating us by 44 points," Ives said in an email. "Now he’s only up by SEVEN — with 23% of voters still undecided.

"What happened between January and now? …YOU did," Ives wrote. "Thanks to your support, we’ve been surging in the polls. Now it’s go time. With just hours until Election Day, we have to keep fighting."

The Ives campaign didn't respond for more details on the poll Ives was referring to, but several media sources have been pointing to the Ogden & Fry polling group owned by once-IL GOP Executive Director Tom Swiss. 

Swiss told Illinois Review to refer back to the Ives campaign for more details, and did not confirm whether his company indeed had found a seven-point gap. No one other than the Ives campaign has seen the polling, thus the accuracy cannot be verified.  

"This race is about Rauner vs. the people he betrayed. It’s about holding our elected officials to their word," Ives said in Sunday's email. "President Trump’s victory in 2016 proved that we never have to accept the status quo. We can fight for the future WE want. We owe the establishment nothing. They exist to serve us.

"So with just a few hours to go, I’m asking you to take a stand against the swamp. I’m asking you to fight for the future YOU want," she said.

As reported by ABC 7 last week:

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  1. Rauner is desperate. I was witness to it today.
    An elderly lady and I were having lunch today when he appeared. He and his entourage showed up at “The Lincoln Inn,” an older restaurant in downtown DeKalb at 12 noon to “meet & greet” voters and some DeKalb County GOP political hacks. But there were less than a dozen actual paying customers in the place.
    DeKalb is largely a UNION town and also home to Northern Illinois University. It is a Democrat-voter hotbed with voting records showing 6200 Democrats, 4200 Republicans, and 7000 Independents. So WHY would he be in DeKalb unless he is DESPERATE?
    When his meeting broke up, about eight of the locals took RAUNER yard signs, and his “people” carried out about thirty that no one picked up.
    And of those eight who did take RAUNER signs, the men were too fat to bend over, and the women were too old to straighten up.
    (Unless you think I am “anti-age,” I am over 70, and I can still do BOTH.)
    Best wishes for success to Jeanne Ives tomorrow, ELECTION DAY!

  2. Honestly. Who will vote for Rauner in A republican primary.
    Sometimes the other party does this but their candidates need them with so many in that primary.
    I repeat, and it is a serious question. Who supports Rauner?

  3. No, Pritchard was NOT there, and I was careful to look for him, as I know him well.
    Rauner worked his way among those few of us in the restaurant. When he got to us, he asked “Do I KNOW you?” and I replied: “Not any more!”

  4. Speaking of candidates with no chance of winning in November Not In Charge has a 26% approval rating. Not only does he have no chance but he will also depress down ticket candidates. He is a disaster of epic proportions.