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Rhoads: God Bless Jeanne Ives



By Mark Rhoads Ives2

When Bruce Rauner first ran in the GOP Primary of 2014, he had no record at all of affiliation with the Republican Party. Even so, some conservatives wished him well based on the hope that he could be more conservative than Democrats.

But that hope did not develop and Rauner was a profound disappointment compared to what many Republicans wanted. Jeanne Ives deserves the thanks of authentic conservative Republicans for offering GOP voters a clear choice Tuesday.

May God bless Jeanne and her family and supporters for their courage in standing up for principles. 


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  1. Jeanne Ives was constantly belittled by pundits and totally underestimated by her opponent. His weak victory is the product of dishonest and unethical campaign tactics.
    If her followers also subscribe to the West Point Cadet’s Honor Code (“I will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.”) Rauner is going to find it exceedingly difficult to unify the remnants of the Illinois Republican Party.
    Ives made her supporters proud. Rauner’s allies were bought and paid for.

  2. You should have won Jeanne…. the voters are stupid, they chose immorality over morality. The Bible teaches this day will come and it has. The anti-Christian liberal media pilloried another good person and gave good people everywhere another reason not to run for political office. Illinois is a corrupt hellhole, run by commiecrats who are facilitated by ignorant sheeple.

  3. There is no conservative movement in Illinois. At this point it’s like the Resistance at the end of Star Wars 8. It’s just a bunch of people talking about how they loathe the Democrats. A noble sentiment but hardly worthy of being referred to as a “movement”.

  4. Actually less than three percent. Some late precincts have been reporting and Ives gained votes.
    Currently, there are about 45 precincts outstanding. Other late ballots to be counted are absentees and military votes.

  5. Jeanne Ives did a great running. Now she and her supporter need to correct Rauner direction and beat JB. Madigan and Cullerton need to also correct there immoral positions.
    Dan a Democrat and Doug a Republican showed running a pro life campaign you can win in Illinois. Most people in Illinois have high morals. Now the leaders to be also moral.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  6. This is insane. Ives supporters would be stupid, stupid people if they turned around and supported Not In Charge, who is nothing more than a slimmer version of the Fat Slob.
    Most people in Illinois have high morals.
    I disagree. This is a wild assumption. Citation needed.

  7. I agree with this sentiment but I won’t be wasting 30 minutes of my time to get out and vote for anybody on either ticket this fall. Those thirty minutes could be spent in much more productive ways.

  8. I agree with you entirely, Chase. Jeanne Ives was a very good and very courageous candidate. I voted for her.
    But when I found out that Rauner had even bought off a long-standing Cook Co. Township conservative committeeman, that was the last straw for me.
    All I can say for the coming general election day is, “Sweet Home Indiana!”

  9. Rauner outspent Jeanne Ives 12-to-1, bribed all the GOP Establishment, LIED about his opponent in a non-stop barrage of media buys, and STILL barely squeaked through by 2.36%…pathetic. Jeanne Ives has restored the soul of our party. We need to continue it by saying NO in NO-vember, and NEVER RAUNER…