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In November, the billionaire battle: Democrat JB Pritzker versus GOPer Bruce Rauner




CHICAGO – In November, Illinois voters will choose between two billionaires: Democrat J.B. Pritzker and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. 

Over $65 million was spent between the two to win their party primaries Tuesday, and Illinois voters will have no problem recognizing either name in November. It's pretty well a unanimous opinion that Democrats are energized heading into the General Election, while Illinois Republicans are bracing for tough battles, especially in congressional districts where Hillary Clinton won in 2016 – such as the Peter Roskam's 6th CD. 

We'll learn much more about the candidate's emerging strategy as the days move along, but there's no doubt the state's screens will be  saturated with more and more ads telling voters why one billionaire or the other should be the choice in November. 

In Pritzker's thank you to his supporters, he spelled out the Democrat's focus: "We are fighting for unions and the families they have so tirelessly defended for so long, Dreamers and immigrants of all kinds seeking a better life, women who deserve their seat at the table and to have their voices heard, and black and brown communities who deserve fairness in enjoying the wealth this great nation denied them for so long…" 

Rauner's focus will be House Speaker Mike Madigan, with a reminder of his 2014 Turnaround Illinois agenda. "The election in November will be a choice between someone who will stand up to the machine and someone who has long been a part of it. Between someone who will fight for hardworking families and someone who will protect the political insiders," he said in a statement.  "Illinois is home. And home is worth fighting for. No one can do this alone. Let’s focus on the issues we agree on – reducing taxes, growing jobs, and ending corruption through term limits…"


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  1. Last night on WGN Cliff Kelly asked how the Trib could play tapes still under Court Order of conversations between Blagojevich and Pritzker. Expect to hear lots more of this and Pritzker best start asking who in FBI, DOJ, or Judge Zagel’s court room leaded all of this to the Chicago Tribune. Rauner’s path lies in Pritzker’s dirt and many people seem to have been listening in on him.

  2. “Illinois is home. And home is worth fighting for. No one can do this alone. Let’s focus on the issues we agree on – reducing taxes, growing jobs, and ending corruption through term limits…”
    This is just imbecilic. “Let’s focus on the issues we agree on” (terrible English from a failed governor). The Fat Slob could say the exact same thing and we’d agree on pretty much the same things as with Not In Charge. How does term limits end corruption? This is just stupid. Illinois is home? Not to the 100,000 or so that have left since Not In Charge became governor. Count me among them in a couple years. Illinois, and especially Not In Charge and the GOP, is not worth a single drop of sweat. There are better fights elsewhere.

  3. It’s all we’re going to hear about until Election Day. The idea is attrition. Make JB as toxic as Bruce, then more toxic. Can it work in a deep blue state though with a deep, deep, deep blue big city and blue to even deep blue metro counties? I don’t think so. More Democrat ballots were cast last night in the collar counties than Republican, not even close. 8 points isn’t close and that was basically the closest. This state is doomed.

  4. Last night, 54% of DuPage ballots were Democrat. Lol. That’s what they think is worth fighting for, instead of shoring up GOP votes in all of the neighboring states. Two must-win GOP Senate races are in neighboring states and three must-win gubernatorial races. Btw, 59% of Lake ballots.

  5. I cannot imagine that any Ives voters are going to the pole in the fall to vote for the political cross-dresser Bruce Rauner. You would have to be a total fool to let Madigan hang the fiscal collapse on the Republican party as he is planning to do if Rauner gets elected. This GOP precinct committeeman is not going to help Rauner, he does not represent Republican values.
    Hopefully Governor Pritzker will sink the state so fast we will be voting looking at the State moving to okay municipal bankruptcy. This is one collapse that will fun to watch.

  6. I have no family left in Illinois and even though I’ve lived my entire life here I have no emotional ties to the state. I like my town and my block and my church but it won’t be hard to say goodbye in a few years. I hope Not In Charge sinks in November and takes the rest of “his” party with him. They are not worth helping.

  7. More open border garbage from the rich political elites- in this case Pritzker:
    I will make Illinois a welcoming state where everyone is treated with dignity and provided with an opportunity to achieve their human potential. Unlike Bruce Rauner, I refuse to be silent while Donald Trump terrorizes immigrant families. I will stand up against his bigoted policies and racist rhetoric. As governor, I will enhance funding for immigrant and refugee services, increase health care options for undocumented adults, improve the U-Visa certification process for victims of violent crimes, provide access to financial aid for undocumented students, oppose a federal registry program based on race, religion, and country of origin, and I will sign pro-immigrant laws like the Illinois Trust Act.
    The United States is a nation of immigrants. Every generation, our country is strengthened by men and women from across the globe seeking freedom and opportunity here. Rather than welcome this generation of immigrant children and families, our president has demonized Mexicans, turned his back on Syrian refugees, and has implemented a modified travel ban to several Muslim-majority nations. Estimates from 2015 found that if Donald Trump were to succeed in deporting every undocumented immigrant in Illinois, the state could lose $25.6 billion in economic activity, $11.4 billion in gross state product, and approximately 119,214 jobs. We must protect our ideals and do everything possible to make the promise of America the practice of America.
    Illinois should serve as a beacon of hope, a place where every person is given the tools to build a better life, contribute to their community, and help strengthen our economy. Illinois is home to approximately 1.8 million immigrants, but Bruce Rauner has done nothing to protect them from Donald Trump’s hateful agenda. In fact, he’s proactively taken steps to jettison immigrant integration programs and dilute pro-immigrant bills. Immigrants were nearly 18% of Illinois’ workforce in 2013, and in 2012 undocumented immigrants in Illinois paid approximately $793.7 million in state and local taxes.
    Today’s immigrant families want the same thing my great-grandfather did when he came to the United States: safety, freedom, and the opportunity to build a better life. As governor, I will strive to build the social and economic infrastructure necessary to create opportunities for everyone, regardless of citizenship. Unlike our governor, I will welcome refugees with open arms and send a message to the president that Illinois is a welcoming state. I will restore and expand funding for immigrant integration services. Finally, I will proudly sign pro-immigrant bills like the Illinois Trust Act into law and look forward to standing with immigrant families to rebuild trust in our communities.

  8. You will be joined by many others. Particularly as this state ‘welcomes’ more illegals and vastly increases taxes.
    And yes the GOP in Illinois is a useless intellectually bankrupt organization not worth supporting.

  9. Dupage County is 30% non White.
    Only takes so many liberal Whites to join them to make for a 54% Dem vote.
    And this is Dupage County! Oh yes, this is just the tip of the iceberg that is swallowing this state.
    Of course, Edgar and Rauner think this is just fine.

  10. Illinois only appears blue because the Republican party establishment is weak, only concerned about preserving their places in the party hierarchy. They’re all at fault: Rauner, Schneider, Morrison, Durkin. Just look at the 3rd for proof: The Republican candidate Nazi Arthur Jones. It’s also our fault for not standing up and running against the Establishment. Or not getting out sooner and working to elect Jeanne Ives and Mickey Straub,

  11. Which is less corrupt is the issue. It should be which is better. Yet that is not the case. Most Democrats and Republicans are honest, hard working people. Yet in Illinois many of our leader are not.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  12. You are entirely correct. Jeanne Ives says she will vote for Bruce Rauner – because she is a Republican elected official – but will not endorse him – and can’t promise to deliver another single vote.
    You, Robert, and I are in the same boat.
    We have no dog in this Pritzker/Rauner billionaire fight.