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Thorner: Soul searching by a Conservative and Patriot in Uncertain Political Times




By Nancy Thorner - 

In looking back to the election of Richard M. Nixon and his subsequent resignation as president of the United States, Nixon's resignation is viewed by me and others knowledgeable about the events leading up to Nixon's resignation, that from day one of Nixon's presidency, the Left was determined to destroy him. Now President Trump faces the same destructive entities.

In his book, Conversations with William F. Buckley Jr, Buckley called is an "act of charity and prudence" that Ford pardoned Nixon. As Buckley stated: "There were a considerable number of Americans, possible 25 to 30%, who felt that Nixon had been railroaded out of office.  He was guilty of certain infractions of the law, but those infractions were in no sense no different from those of what is predecessors were regularly guilty of." 

That was then, this is now!

March is the greyest, longest, most boring month of the year by a long stretch for many here is Illinois.  March even makes people look grey, along with everything else one can look at.  Then there’s the news.  The latest upheaval in D.C. is the worst one yet.  Worst, because it’s so deeply criminal.  And worst, because the very large left contingent in our Country will make hay with it, at least among themselves and the media. 

In what appears to be the biggest abuse of power and corruption ever seen by the current generations of American people still living, is the undeniable evidence of a coordinated conspiracy to abuse power by elite leaders at the top of the Justice Department and FBI (this is not the whole of the FBI) who consider themselves smarter and wiser than the populous, and above the law, by using the tools of the FBI against the Trump campaign.  This runs counter to the Constitution and against our Fourth Amendment rights which forbid "unreasonable searches and seizures" of individuals and property.

I'm sure there are millions like me who never imagined a time when high-ranking officials in out own government were so determined to take down a duly-elected president.  What confounds me and is extremely upsetting is that any collusion with Russia was on the other side, but It's as if evidence of collusion never happened in the Obama administration, as the FBI and the Department of Justice continue their fishing expedition, determined as they are, to find an indictable Trump offense.

For over a year the American people have been lied to, they have been misled, and the evidence is mounting that the entire Russia investigation and charges of collusion leveled against President Trump and his administration was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. 

Words for Conservatives

That leaves the conservatives – US – with little media support, in that the mainstream media is a bunch of patsies willing to write whatever they are told to write, functioning as an arm of the Democrat Party in their hatred of Trump, so Trump's presidency looks like its riding a merry-go-round instead of a sleek vehicle. 

There is NO vehicle of any clout on our side, except ourselves. The churches, largely with us, won’t put a toe into the water of trying to support us.  Big business is gaining by leaps and bounds but fails to at least toot a horn or two about how that has happened to them.  We have no media (except FOX and EWTN), but we really wouldn’t want most of them anyway. And yet, there’s a strange phenomenon.  Most of us have the pleasure of living near people who are rather conservative.  Even those who vote for the other side are often pleasant and otherwise decent neighbors.

The Justifiable Firing of Andrew McCabe

Might there be a truth we’ve not yet uncovered?  Perhaps the latest firing of an FBI top gun, Andrew McCabe, will tip the scales in the other direction, but it will take a while to do so, IF it's even possible to change direction. It SHOULD be possible, but can elite top guns block it?  I fear so unless things change soon.

Presently McCabe is pretending he is the victim after his firing, placing the blame on President Trump, when it was the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, who found evidence that McCabe was leaking information to the press and lied about it UNDER OATH. The Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, is certainly not a Trumpian stooge, having been appointed by the Obama administration.  McCabe's firing was recommended by career FBI officials. Liberals, as to be expected, were outraged after McCabe was fired.  Veiled threats and temper tantrums followed.

Rather than worrying about his pension, might the possibility of going to prison be of greater concern for McCabe? 

Truth Emerges

The truth came out very late on Friday night, March 16, when FOX gathered a variety of people on our side who were willing to toss their pajamas on the other side of the bed, comb their hair, put on some decent clothes and hurry to their studios.  THEY, to a man and a woman, were livid and positive that the left has not only organized the strength of the other side, they have written it from total imagination to achieve their anti-American goals.  They used the IRS fiasco as an example.  The IRA did admit tea party and other conservative groups were targets during Obama era.

Why hasn't anyone ever done a darn thing about their anti-conservative organization's stance?   We allow the other side to keep on getting away with the obvious flaunting of the law.  And what was the "on our side" Fox gathering concerned about on Friday, March 16th?  They were fearful that this latest firing will ultimately go in the same direction, with the former FBI head getting his money after all, which he will, in time, receive regardless of his firing.

The Big Question?

Why should any of this be at all possible, starting back with the IRS fiasco and no doubt, long before that?  What is the matter with us?

Arriving at the answer was through the process of elimination.  It’s the only logical one which can explain all this terror – both mental and physical – that has rained down on America for too many years, especially since the Millennium.

There HAS to be a mafia organization (not THE mafia organization, but a facsimile for evil purposes), a "Deep State," in which the influence of billionaire Marxist George Soros runs deep (Read here about the involvement of Soros in the Deep State), and which is working 24-7 to sway the American people into believing that Trump is evil as a means to transform this nation into a socialist nation in ways that we cannot counter. It began LONG before the IRS caper, and it is as air tight an organization behind the curtain as has ever existed in the United States of America. This link, appearing in the New American, explains the Deep State in detail and how it follows the Rothschild, Soros, and Rockefeller money

According to a new poll, a majority of Americans believes a faction of unelected officials is orchestrating policy in Washington, D.C. The poll notes that "more than 7 out of 10 Americans polled in each political group, Republican, Democrat and independent, believe in a deep state.”

Perhaps there are those who can't conceive of unelected individuals working in the shadows.  How could they gain the power and the influence necessary to convince many Americans that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the presidency in November of 2016.  Do they not understand how the Deep State depends on a compliant mainstream media to spread their lies and fake news to brainwash the American people into believing that President was not duly elected and that his policies are detrimental to this nation, when the truth is just the opposite?

The Road Ahead

Our job now is to climb up to the top of the tower with our telescopes and start looking through the clouds to see the reality of what we’ve been too slow to realize.

Here on home soil, might this be our last chance here in Illinois depending of the results of the March 20 Illinois Primary Elections?  Rauner has played on their side and not ours.  Madigan has never disguised his intentions, and he’s brought along many a Rauner in his day.  And this is a microcosm compared to the hornet’s (no rats’) nest in DC, New York, all of California, and a few other places where the “getting’ got good” a long time ago.

Republicans join Trump's Resistance Movement

Predictable resistance to Trump involves the Deep State, the progressive and socialist Democrat Party, and the news media which has lost any semblance of journalistic honesty and integrity, but renegade members in Trump’s own party are likewise blocking Trump from fulfilling his campaign policies that propelled him to victory.

Although I could name many RINOs who are thwarting Trump, it is unconscionable that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has deemed proper the funding of Planned Parenthood and Sanctuary Cities, but not a border wall, in the upcoming budget bill. The big spenders of Congress got $200 billion more in spending for pork.  Trump shouldn't compromise.

Even more upsetting it that both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have praised Bob Muller's Special Council investigation of Russian collusion and want it to continue.

Glimmers of Hope?

Andrew C. McCarthy on March 17 in his article, Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standard, wrote:

"Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s failure to set limits on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. To trigger the appointment of a special counsel, federal regulations require the Justice Department to identify the crimes that warrant investigation and prosecution — crimes that the Justice Department is too conflicted to investigate in the normal course; crimes that become the parameters of the special counsel’s jurisdiction.

Rosenstein, instead, put the cart before the horse: Mueller was invited to conduct a fishing expedition, a boundless quest to hunt for undiscovered crimes, rather than an investigation and prosecution of known crime.”

Four Republican senators are calling for the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate how the Department of Justice and FBI handled its probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election before special counsel Robert Mueller appointment, citing that a special prosecutor has more tools and prosecutorial power than an inspector general.  In that the Justice Department cannot credibly investigate itself, an enhanced measure of independence is needed to ensure that the public can have confidence in the outcome.   

The longtime Washington attorney, Joseph diGenova, is expected to join the President's legal team as part of Trump's strategic communications team to introduce the scale and scope of corruption to almost half the country who have relied upon the false narrative delivered by fake news for the past two years? DiGenova will join the legal team, in part, to engage with the media and actively defend the President. The President's plans to hire diGenova comes two months after diGenova appeared on Fox News to allege that FBI and Justice Department officials carried out "a brazen plot” to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton and, if she didn't win the election, to then frame Donald Trump with a falsely created crime. 


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  1. Deep State, Special Corrupt Interest be it in Washington D.C. and Illinois are serious threats to our lives.
    In Soviet Union it was the Atheists.
    In the time of National Socialism in Germany it was the Homosexual Atheists.
    We have taken the Bible out of our education system. We have replaced it with porn.
    Over 18,000 babies are killed every year legally just like the holocaust in Europe.
    Love Saves Lives