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GOP LG candidate Morthland responds: “Wait until all the accounts are settled”




GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives' running mate Rich Morthland shared his thoughts about the Ives team's hard-fought, nearly-won contest on Facebook early Wednesday morning:

There is a tale of two farmers whose acreages sat side-by-side. They also had a non-farm neighbor. One farmer paused from work every Sunday to participate in Worship and contemplative rest, much as God’s chosen people do to keep the Sabbath. The other farmer worked on Sundays, the same as other days. Furthermore, he shunned Church.

The non-farmer knew that all farmers politely compete with their neighbors. He asked the Church-goer, “aren’t you worried that your neighbor is going to out-produce you?” The faith-filled plowman replied, “Wait until all the accounts are settled.”

Harvest time came, and by November it became clear that the fields of the more industrious, unchurched farmer boasted higher yields. The observing neighbor inquired of the six-day-a-week grower as to if his behaviors were eliciting the results he desired. The old planter patiently replied, “God does not settle his accounts in November.” 

For a blisteringly rapid four months or so, I have been a small wheel in an important machine, Jeanne Ives’ insurgent campaign for Governor. Unlike our opponent, we have championed a lightly-funded, principled, honest truth-telling movement. Thank you to everyone who supported this grass roots effort and brought us from insignificance to the base camp of a victory assault. My thanks go especially to my Bride Betsey Morthland and our two daughters, all of whom have worked campaigns with me. I love you ladies, could not have done any of this without you.

Tonight, Team Ives came painfully close to prevailing, but fell short. However, make no mistake, The LORD does not settle all His accounts on March 20th…God bless and stay tuned.

Rich Morthland (l) with Jeanne Ives Tuesday night | Mark Weyermuller photo


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  1. We have not heard the end of Jeanne Ives’ in Illinois.
    This may just be the beginning of her influence in Illinois politics.
    Rauner is politically DEAD in this state, he just hasn’t laid down yet.

  2. All the Chicago metro counties last night cast more Democrat ballots than Republican ballots. This state is doomed. All I can say is, I hope they enjoy their $10,000 limited state and local tax deduction. Lol.

  3. A hollow victory based on LIES for Bruce Rauner…let the future Democrat governor be responsible for the complete fall of our state. The Republican party in Illinois has been destroyed by Bruce Rauner…that will be his legacy as a failed one-term governor.

  4. In Illinois, we will be entering a dark period for the next four years under complete Democrat rule…downstate Illinoisans will suffer the most. They will have no voice or meaningful representation that will help them.
    In 2012, Mitt Romney lost to Obama and the liberal, progressive, socialist Democrat policies, and agenda came home to roost…it gave us President Trump. Unfortunately, with Illinois soon to be under complete Democrat rule…President Trump will do nothing to help us.
    Keep in mind, in four years Michael Madigan will be gone, so will Rahm Emanuel. The Democrat governor Pritzker will prove himself to be incompetent and possibly be facing indictment.
    I pray that Jeanne Ives remains in the public realm as a national speaker for the conservative movement…it is her kind of courage and leadership that is needed most in our state and nation.
    It is now time to focus on President Trump with our full support…we cannot afford to lose our nation.

  5. You brought further honor, dignity and probity to Jeanne’s effort, which is not easy because she has all three! I appreciate Jeanne asking you to run with her, as i MUCH appreciate your doing so, and your family both loaning you to the effort and then pitching in!!
    Many, many thanks, Mr. Morthland.

  6. The Republican Party was destroyed by Republican Party players, Rauner was a small part of that. Look to the “leadership” for the real destroyers, they sold you out to get some Rauner handouts, our revenge will be, when Rauner loses to JB and then leaves with his money.